Feb 25, 2011

Ithna sannata kyon hain bhai?

the bells have now begun to toll
the eagles above are still midair
where have all the bloggers gone,
is Twitter and Facebook, their new lair?

Now silence ain’t generally my kinda thing. Not that anybody needs to call the cops despite threats to keep me mum. But a silence of nearly a year and a half, now that IS by far a personal record! This silence (read exile) from blogosphere is like the story of the mouse that never got caught in a roomful of mousetraps and then one fine day a hungry cat spoilt the day. But I am the little mouse that never gives up, no matter how frail my chances are! With my ever piling fiscal deficit issue coupled with non-performing assets (pun intended), I guess HE has been too kind thus far.

Well, this exile has done me a world of good and most certainly raised hope for blogosphere. What with fellow bloggers and my million plus readers falling off chairs, bouncing off walls and ceilings, jumping off their roofs and threatening to file PILs at Indiblog BUT I had no such luck. Peace reigned as usual at blogosphere and my absence was appreciated. Not that I am bawling but still a little hunger strike would have been KIND, guys.

All but one – you know there’s always an egghead – egghead meaning ‘I’ll not eat till you eat’ types. Sometimes all you need is a tummy full of words, a loosening glottis and the heart melts as if it were made of candy floss and out pop the words bringing relief at last. That’s ‘blog-o-mania’ for the uninitiated. So here I am for you, you, you and the egghead of course, my kindest four! I cannot promise to be regular though – the last time I wasn’t regular, my doc suggested de-stressing!

P.S.: Thank you all for being there! Now try saying this line 10 times: ‘A cup of coffee in a proper copper coffee pot’. And yes, we could meet over coffee as soon as this damn tongue of mine gets untwisted. Cheers to 2011!!!

Feb 21, 2011

फिर कर शुरुवात ...

नन्हे क़दमों से शुरू किये
जो सफ़र कोमल हाथों के सहारे
लो आज मांगे साथ दुबारा
तुम नहीं तो जग बेगाना

फिर आ कड़ी हूँ मैं चौराहे पर
किस राह पर मंजिल लिखी हैं ?
काले बादलो से लगता हैं दर
तुम्हारे आँचल में समेट, होना हैं बेफिकर

याद हैं मुझे वो एक रूपये का सिक्का 
रोज जमा कर मुझे अमीर बना देना
कब बन गयी तीन रूपये का जुगाड़
कर दिया हर नसीयत तेरी बिगाड़

लो कहो ' फिर कर शुरुवात...'
ख्वाब शीशों का नहीं, यकीन दिला दो
तुम्हारी छोटी छोटी बातों में छिपा हैं खज़ाना
लो आज मांगे साथ दुबारा
तुम नहीं  तो जग बेगाना . . .

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