Apr 29, 2009

The Irony!

woh jannat ki khoj mein nikla hain…
uske liye Mecca bhi door nahi,
apni begum ki izzath se beparvaah
nikla hain tere khoj mein eh Allah !…"

Thus concluded the fakir amidst much applause.

Wah wah wah!”, praised the old Sheikh in delight and quickly got up, shoving his new virgin bride all of 12.

P.S: Please forgive the hindi-urdu mix-up if any. Also, here's the translation for Karthik, Kanagu n Lance:
"He has left in search of heaven...
Even Mecca is not far for him,
He doesn’t care to respect his wife
He has left in search of u, O Allah!.."

Apr 27, 2009


“What is this life if not about agony, despair and sorrow?” cried the young medical intern at the government hospital.

Blood, tears and mutilated bodies dwarfed his vision as the uninvited tremors had uprooted thousands. His young blood, infuriated.

“No, it isn’t…”, stated the nurse, ‘…the lady in bed 8 has just delivered a baby!”

Apr 18, 2009

Beauty and the life rainbow...

And just when I had begun enjoying the concept of life akin to chasing a rainbow and actually riding on it, along comes my old friend and blows it up! Remember my parlor wala fiasco and that girl who after much pleading and lauding finally relented to do the mowing ? I had sworn never to go there even at the risk of frightening the kids and adults alike in the family and elsewhere. But time and eyebrows wait for no man err..woman. Their collective desires conspired with the universe to literally push me there.

It so happened that I had reached this other parlor just a moment before they shut-shop for the day, even though I had ventured out early but its just that my day starts in the evening and boy! what a day..There were no parlors in my line of sight and the ones which 'seemingly' looked like parlors and catered to both men and women didnt seem worth it. Also, as I'm the chosen one and carry the thunder cloud right above me, it would so happen that there would be a raid the very moment I set foot to ask if this is 'indeed' a place where they 'cut and trim' hair or thread eyebrows. I could already sense the triumphant joys on the cops faces for catching me young at this Godforsaken place and teaching me a lesson. The probability is that this may happen like once in a million times when the cops were not 'catered to', but I'm sure it was waiting to happen as soon as I would set foot, rather it would be favorable only when I set foot. Period.

But I am not as stupid as I seem to look. So, I did not set foot in the 'all-in-one' parlor ! That left me again at sea, where do I go for a decent threading job? The usual parlor seemed quite decent and hey..what the heck..she isn't the only girl there. If she is hell bent on making me feel like a disgrace to feminine beauty, I would replace her with the other efficient (read humane) girls. So, I go in there but alas they too were getting ready to shut-shop. And if Truth be told, who the hell am I kidding...I'm no celebrity. Let that be my self-promotion tactic for blogsville. The owner told me to come back tomorrow within the stipulated time. Ohh Well..yes madam! Needless to say that 'the girl' was super delighted to see the disappointment writ large across my face which was now resembling the debutant Karishma Kapoor with her squirrel-tailed eyebrows! I did not see the looks on the other girls though.

I walk out with my face down and the life rainbow somehow had transformed into a grayscale image. I was too ashamed to walk back home and scare the kids yet again. So I take this long walk on the highway, reminiscing on the parlor wali girl's inhuman gesture and how all the parlors conspired to boycott me. It's not as if I were walking around with a walrus moustache or a goatee, but I almost felt like I was!

I was nearly half way up the highway when a girl caught up with me and asked me whether I had come to the parlor some time back. She was very beautiful, the kinds a guy would take home to his parents. I faintly recognised her since she wasn't in her uniform. I said yes. She asked me what exactly I had come for. I replied. She eyed my eyebrows sympathetically and told me to visit the parlor tomorrow without any further delay. As an urgent emergency procedure, she even offered to come home with me and operate upon me! I declined her 'over humane' gesture but inside I was very happy that a beautiful parlor-wali girl cared for me. I laughed at the walrus moustache and the goatee I had been wearing on my mind sometime back. Hmmm...and the life rainbow burst with colors once again!

P.S: I so love these beauty parlor-wali girls:)

Apr 15, 2009

I love only you...

"sweetheart, do you really think I'm a womanizer?"


"I love you sweets".

A fragrant feminine breeze...then a pair of sexy stilettoes tread outside the office corridor.

"sweets, I...", juggling between her tears and the nearing stilettoes.

....   "love only.....". The stilettoes struggle at the e-access.

He dashes to the door.

"Hi!...new joinee ?"

P.S: This is my first attempt at 55 fiction. Hope you guys like it!

Apr 11, 2009

The evil in me (a retourne)

too conscious to evolve am i
under his sly, scrutinous eyes
they survive on  eternal seduction
for him no bell tolls, for he no longer dies

under his sly, scrutinous eyes
i lay defeated in unholy highs
as Satan's spider twines and swings
an evil gossamer binds my wings

they survive on eternal seduction
his proverbial snake at the alter of suffocation
his action impromptu, my wrath undefined
i lay in chaos, my ideals crucified

for him no bell tolls, for he no longer dies
for all that is evil in my dark insides
is a manifestation of him, a hungry parasite
he is in me and i am his host entwined!


P.S: This was my first attempt at a retourne, inspired by Kartz!

Apr 7, 2009

Farewell to a Star...

with hope, you lit up our lives
with compassion, you touched our souls
every single day, in every passing moment
you taught us love and its inherent sacrifice
in the short time that you were here
we wonder why He called you there
it’s just too early, just not fair
may the Lord bless your soul
may you never cease to shine
on this crossover divine
P.S: Dedicated to Tina who is no more amongst us. Wish I could know you more, girl!

Apr 6, 2009

A day at the Pilikula zoo!

Deep in the heart of Mangalore in the southern state of Karnataka lies the Pilikula zoo - Pili for tiger and kula for lake, all because some tigers used to jam together at this cave after a fun-filled session at the nearby lake. Vin was brave enough to go inside this cave, have a tête-à-tête and above all click a snap of the resting tigers who were quite amazed at being photographed in their natural habitat where no mortal human dares to enter. Both mother and cub have obliged to pose for the shutterbugs. Aren't they cute? OK! They aren't real...but had I been there hundreds of years back, I would have shot them live, I swear :)

Last month I had received a mail from Tips4Me.com where a kind and rather knowledgable lady called 'Rachel Fernandes' sent me a mail describing the five largest birds in the world. I faintly remember reading about the Emu and never expected in my wildest dreams to ever be so close to one. Here's a picture I clicked from as close as comfortably possible and the information that Rachel shared with me...

It is one of the largest bird's native to Australia. These soft-feathered, brown, flightless birds reach up to 2 meters (6.6 ft) in height. They can travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and if necessary, can sprint at 50 km/h (31 mph) for some distance at a time.

If the Emu were small, it would not strike a chord, rather it has a stupid looking face and manner, but its sheer size and powerful legs made me wonder whether it has got anything to do with the law of natural selection by Darwin and I guess by all means it has evolved directly from the dinosaur. This one seems to be saying just that to me and adding 'I could smash you to pulp, woman!' But we both knew 'Thank heavens for this wired fence!'

P.S: I so wish I had a powerful camera with zoom et al. Now, I dont have any proof that I played hide-n-seek with Mr. & Mrs. Lion and I hugged this gigantic bear and I went roller skating with the sweet panthers and I was almost tickled to death by cute alligators.
Do visit this zoo if you happen to be in Mangalore since none of the wild animals are in cages or practically malnutritioned as is the usual state in most Indian zoos. And yes, dont forget to take a powerful longrange camera with you!

Apr 4, 2009

Pooh, older n wierder!

As birthday wishes came flying by, while the pooh was happily lazing away in her 100-acre forest, life did a somersault or two, but the pooh is not quite sure and wondering whether she’s moving in circles. Whether the so-called rat race is really a means to the end or to the beginning of transformation?

Why all of nature is just being and being amazingly happy at that? Why the oceans never meet the skies yet love each other and live in perfect harmony? Why the salty sea breezes that were so much fun in childhood, now become a threat to my skin and hair – my outward mask? Why the eagles fly so high when their prey is anyways miles down? Why some flowers are in love with the sun and simply refuse to open their petals on sundown? Why is every creature so happy in Mother Earth’s lap and what went wrong with us? Why the heck am I asking these questions when answers are again puny in the vast open secrets of Nature?

P.S: It is my Happy Birthday today and I am back from a wonderful vacation, hopefully to a more fulfilling existence. Innocence lost its charm and blogging has somehow taken its place to pen down weird streams of thoughts but there is hope. These weird streams of thoughts will not be so frequent anymore since the pooh has found something weirder elsewhere!
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