Feb 12, 2009

The God of big and small Terrorists!

Kasab killed Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte: Mumbai police
No bullet hit Kasab, no active treatment on, says hospital’s dean
Kasab squeals, nails Lashkar role in attack
Ex-soldier trained terrorists, says Kasab
Kasab says his father sent him to LeT
Kasab not Pak national, says Pak minister
Pakistan officially admits Kasab its national !!
Pak's another lie nailed, Kasab well and alive
Pak registers case against Kasab under Terror Act !!
Kasab's DNA matches imprints on hijacked trawler
Underworld may be out to kill Kasab
India waiting for Pak's response, cautious about Kasab reports

………………and the list of Kasab headlines keeps getting bigger and bigger and I wont be surprised anymore if this will grow along with Kasab and die off along with him either entering old age or death in some obscure high security prison either in India or Pakistan!

Ever since the gruesome 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, I see, read and hear the name ‘Kasab’ just about everywhere – in newspapers, in news channels, in gossip. And every time I see, read or hear ‘Kasab’, I try to join the little bits and pieces of the Mumbai massacre like a giant jigsaw puzzle but alas, I don’t seem to progress anywhere at all. Every two days there is a contradiction and then we even had Pakistan claiming that Kasab is dead! What a f*****g joke!

We, the highly intelligent Indians are proud of our national heritage and history but forever in need of other countries to solve our domestic issues. A bunch of kids wade through the waters and create havoc along their trail killing nearly 200 people and injuring many more. One of them is caught alive after a much dramatized capture by the National Security Guards and the world isn’t spared afterwards too… the national media along with their equally incapable counterparts from the international scene break in for a piece of the pie.

Anybody and everybody wants to showcase to the world that they have better ‘analysis’ of the entire psychology behind this ghastly attacks. Pakistan is confused about what to say and what to hide – what with their own home-grown backyard terrorists pointing a gun at them and making them repeat like parrots. One day Kasab is a non-state actor, the other day he is dead and next day he is not the one whom India claims was present at the scene of crime. BS!!

And all this while Kasab has been singing like a canary after being televised live with his weapons and plan of attack/strategy, either to mislead or out of utter resignation from his alma mater and godfathers residing there. He is only 21, he might as well start writing his autobiography right away of his so-called adoption and the subsequent abandonment by the non-existing father and godfathers. Or he could request the humanitarians to get him transferred to Tihar jail where he could further his creative pursuits, do an MBA or Phd in humanity or transform into an ‘enlightened’ being - ‘Swami Kasabananda’, what with meditation being a daily norm there!

I’m sure that Ramu or some bollywood director is scripting Kasab’s story as I type this and will only get it out after 10 years or so for fear of being judged as unpatriotic or ‘money-digger’. I’m also sure that the only human being on earth – Arundhati Roy is writing her next ‘booker prize’ story on Kasab!

And I’m dead sure that there is indeed a ‘God of big and small Terrorists’ somewhere in Indian-occupied / Pakistan occupied piece of land / water, who protects the fallacies of ‘self-appointed-ethnic-cleansing’ organizations and their innocent lackeys operating in non-states and other not surprisingly ‘inaccessible crevices’ in our globe or outer space!

And we Indians keep saying ‘Give peace a chance!’ while fighting amongst ourselves all the while.

….….another f*****g joke, I say!


Lancelot said...

me the first

Anonymous said...

WE are sure .. the history will not be repeated...
p-pakkis wait and see what is for u

Senorita said...

@ Vin...oh Heck...

There is no beginning and there will be no end to all this crap...

Vinnie said...

Lance :):)
i'm afraid that's cheating da, no eclairs for u :(
u need to comment na..where is that? in ur mind ah??

still, u qualify for 1 eclair, so be happy..stop sulking.. >o<

Vinnie said...

Karmanna, Time will tell!!!

Sen, again, waqth batayega !!!

Sush said...

swami kasabananda would be too much! ... as i write this ... i hear news that pak is making some attempt to show to the world that they have done some "investigation" and have come out with the name of an unknown person as the mastermind of the whole mumbai episode.

sawan said...

i am learning the meaning of international diplomacy!

Vinnie said...

hahhahaha...another f***ing joke i presume :):)
i think today is his hearing..anyways, its all too funny now...dont be surprised to meet a Swami Kasabananda in the near future !!!

Sawan saar,
good for u!!!

kanagu said...

but Vinnie..... he is just a tool and the brain is somewhere.. just by throwing out the tool we can't solve the problem.. the brain will make more and more which maybe more efficient than this without punishing them we can't achieve peace in our land..

And punishing a terrorist wont deter their rate.. because they are the people with most distracted mind it will be easier for the terrorists to mould them into how they want :(

Vinnie said...

Kanagu, i welcome ur views absolutely da. we have to nail the brain..for that we need to be firm with the tool!
but look at us, we keep looking out of the window sitting in a locked room n just in case someone happens to pass by, we will ask for help!! chumma casual attitude..the deaths r all one joke!!

kanagu said...

I think a death penalty to kasab will be a rash one from my point of view. For me he was a youngster who lost his path and fell in the hands of a very bad fanatics. He must be in jail and must be treated in a way other prisoners were treated. We must prove to him that this is a country which is all made of love and togetherness. In the future when he will be interviewed, in which he may say who we are and that is the best lesson we can give to Pakistan and all the terrorists. And for the lives lost, we must find the real perpetrators and finish them once and for all.

Vinnie said...

Kasab was a youngster who lost his path and fell in the hands of a very bad fanatics...very true, agreed!
n death sentence isnt necessary, i personally dont justify a death sentence to anybody
all i'm saying is about the nonchalant attitude of our ministers
so the saga of terrorism continues...some minister warms the chairs year after year...scores of ppl die unnaturally n the 'REAL' culprits (read fanatics)r never punished

dont worry, nothing will happen to Kasab - he will live in custody all his life appearing at the hearings every now n then apart from livin his own life....we r Indians..we r like that only

the God of big n small terrorists indeed protects the fanatics, i guess

Then how to n who will nail them ????

Lancelot said...


Vinnie said...



kanagu said...

For that we have to improve our security infrastructure.. but even after spending so much on defence, we don;t have something called infrastructure.. so as we are always saying.. the whole system needs a change :)

Vinnie said...

u still following this!! if we keep this oing, dont be surprised if we get old discussing abt india, pakistan, kasab, etc

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