Feb 13, 2009


strutting around, my placid plume,
the breeze sways along with me
a sashay escapes, timidity I presume
though ‘m brighter than thou today

can thee not fathom the depths
that lay within my core?
does it not give thee joy
that I am near my source?

thy heart, thy soul, the wise one’s told
was built brick by brick,
over setting suns and moons
yonder the mirage in the sand dunes.
then, does it not bleed if I am pricked,
or is it the cactus, now dearer to thou?

the warmth is no more,
it’s all a name game
who said thus, which is naught,
what is sin, which is not,
why the fuss and cry throughout?
why gift pain in lieu of love?

the heart is love , nay, nothing else
breathe and let go is nature’s plea
thou ruled by vanity, thy pride crushed
come, topple my inner castle
built with the grace of Almighty
come, trounce upon my plumes
if it doth make thee happy?



sawan said...

me first!!

sawan said...

was a little tough for me to understand and i am not sure if i understood it completely.. standard thoda zyada ho gaya :P

but these lines caught my eye and i loved it : breathe and let go is nature’s plea. :P

Lancelot said...

he he he....

Anonymous said...

the poem is as beautiful as vinnie the pooh!! :)

the third stanza is superb!!

why we blame him..
he created us to think and act!!
there is no demarcation between sin and good ...
its all our mind to decide...

extend the hand of compassion and see how the world reacts!!
the world is beautiful !!

come out of the cocoon !!!

(vinne.. i write this from what i understood from the last two stanza :P)

Anonymous said...

@ Vinnie... I know where this is coming from...agree on everything except the last stanza...

//come, topple my inner castle
built with the grace of Almighty
come, trounce upon my plumes
if it doth make thee happy?//

I would not give an open invitation to the loser...

I believe love is about being selfless... and being selfless is a two way process... it cannot be that a one person is giving all the time and the other is just sapping the life fotce out of his partner... if that is the case then it is better to call it quits!!!

these are my views, you are welcome to delete this comment...

Vinnie said...

Sawan saar, eclairs for u >o< >o< :):)

it was meant for somebody who was not letting go of me, cutting my wings all the time i took flight...so in a desparate need to breathe n break free..i wrote this :( :(

now, it looks like my message is conveyed though...only time can tell...how long !!!!

Vinnie said...


u laughing ah?? u r happy seeing me in pain, eh?? ok, friends can be foes sometimes!!

Vinnie said...

thank u so much :):)

whatever u understod is new to me too!! Like Scrawler says, every book instructs differently :)

this was an outburst at somebody who wasnt letting go of me despite me being happy without him, despite me finding wings to fly high, despite all the brightness i was moving towards....

all in the name of..vin, i always want u to be happy, my pupose in life is to keep u happy, etc. etc.

anyways, this is my final message to him n hoefully he will not bug me again ever in this life at least :):)

I am the pooh who wishes to fly n not be chained with his pseudo love!!

Vinnie said...

Senorita, my dearest!!!!

why will i ever delete ur views at all?? its ur space sweetie :)

n ur belief abt love being selfless is absolutely right, hope ur message is conveyed to him point blank....n not continue like previous times...despite our joint efforts :)

Anonymous said...

Its really tough for me to understand. I will come back with a dictionary to get the meaning :)

Lancelot said...

@ Vin honey

you don't get the implied meaning...whats there to fear when Lancelot is here, so my laugh is to give you assurance :P

Devika said...

Hi Vinnie,

I loved reading this one..You say "the warmth is no more"

But I feel your words hold enough warmth to warm me up :)

Good one, dear

best wishes,

Anonymous said...

@Vin - Did you make any effort to let the person know that you are happy without him??
Couldn't it be that he might be under the impression that you are also broken up & would have thought for making it work again?
Just think about it and you can delete my comment.


Scrawler said...

what shud i say? i can only tell one thing..Ponder urself to what extend you are happy/unhappy without the warmth of love?coz u are the best judge of ur situation!

Scrawler said...

judge urself after taering off all the masks/veils with which u are analysing the situation.

At times friends becomes foes..i mean friendly foes isn't it lance???;-)

Sush said...

oh blessed one! ... extremely creative expression .. i would be lying if i say that i understood it in one go .. i read it at least 3-4 times and only after that could make it out .. good to see ur positive outlook towards life .. wish u all the very best

Vinnie said...

Kanagu, :) :)

Lancelot, thanks for ur assurance:)

Devika, OMG, coming from u, its an honor, thanks for the encouragement :):)

Vinnie said...

Vinu, ur comment here is proof of u n ur friend being unworthy of friendship...i had conveyed in pure english,hadnt i?? then, why the subsequent mails again?? taking advantage of my casual nature ah??
WHO wants to make it work again???? Be honest to urself first before accusing others.

Scrawler, well, there wasnt any love in the first place, so i can very much live without it !!!
heard u publishing n all ??? Congrats, Poetess !!

Vinnie said...

thats too much now:) but, u made my day!! thanks so much for that:)

Scrawler said...

A thot bloomed in the course of a chat with my friend...i thot of proceeding...donno how far it will turn out into a success..At least i can give for circulation among my close friends&family..and of course our gang too..coz u know hwo is helping me in cover design :-)

Vinnie said...

Scrawler, good thoughts r blooming nowadays ah!! u begin..rest will follow:)
yeah, thanks to Sawan, i know n i wish u all the best in publishing ur creation n bringing it to the world..

Scrawler said...

Vins....i've asked our designer Hero to discuss it with u..he said ur works are original and his are edited(after copying)

I hope a combo of original and copied can create wonders!!

Senorita said...

@ Scrawler... Congratulations :)

Lancelot said...

@ srawler

aye aye

Vinnie said...

Scrawler, ohh..that would be so cool..i would love to be part of ur first publication..an honor indeed !!

Karthik said...

I Hate it I hate it when Vinnie writes Poems..

Pt 1: i couldn't understand at the first read

Pt 2: I couldn't write poems like her

Pt 3: I couldn't comment great, excellent.. Am sick and gt tired of using it... :(

Pt 4: Still she keeps on writing poems but nt getting the recognition

Vinnie said...

Karthik !!!

roomba overaaaaaaaaa :):)

an 'easy' poem jus for u...

Karthik, Karthik,
where r u?
missed u in college
but saw ur post or two!

Anonymous said...

With my very little english knowledge, with the help of my little dictonary, free online dictionary and the comments below I could understand that something is worng for you.. but don't worry Vinnie.. everything will be fine.. life is like train.. passenger will come and go, but we must run.. keep running :)

And your header is really nice.. I liked it when I first seen it.. forgot to say.. :)

Vinnie said...

Thank u :):) i will keep running saar....

my headers, my templates keep changing:) good u like this one!

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