Mar 20, 2011

What do women of substance feel about Holi?

Once upon a time, oldfox004 was on a secret mission but as usual she forgot her way and ended up meeting prominent women and also got a chance to interview them on their feelings for Holi. So here goes...

Rakhi Sawant - Oh Jessus! i loves the Holi, the rangs, the water, the innocent masti...this Holi tho i love to color my bhaiyya Mikka...he's so sweet na *does the kuchi-kuchi action

Veena Mallik - Holi? What Holi? Filhaal tho all the mulla's are labelling me 'unholi'. But, i love Ash in a very 'holi' way, kasam se! *sends a flying kiss

Shweta Thiwari - Arre yaar! I gotta wear a burqa this holi :( If Raja sees me all red and wet...??? I don't like all this skinshow and all...what will my daughter say?  But, its all OK on TV, no? *kisses her daughter

Payal Rohatgi - I hate Monica, she is so fake yaar! Rahul is like my brother only. I don't like to play Holi...all that gulaal will spoil my skin na...tho phir kya dikhaungi main? I bet Monica is playing secret holi with him...$^%^&*$ *smirks

Dolly Bhindra - HOLI...HOLI....HOLI...HOLI....$%#&*%^$....HOLI KI THO....%$^(*^&*#$...nobody plays Holi with me :( *makes a horrendously scary face...i disappear in seconds

Yana Gupta - But, you know i love color....and especially colorful undies....shocking pink, neon yellow, electric! What ? You asking me about Holi? Oh! I'm so forgetful na...I even forget to wear my colorful undy sometimes..*winks

Ekta Kapoor - Holi? Did you just say Holi? Can you see the big tikha on my forehead? I celebrate Holi with all my staff all year round...we use real blood, sacchi! *poker faced

Sonia Gandhi - Hamara Bharath mahaan desh hain...yahan Diwali, Christmas, Eid ithyadi sabhi thyohaar manaya jaatha hain...Hum sabko 'Haath' milakar rang lagana chahiye. 'Haath' ne sab ka 'Man-moh' liya hain. Bharath Mata ki Jai! Happy Holi! *waves her hand high in the air to no one in particular

Jyothi (Common girl) - Holi is nice holi-day for me. I'll do a nice oil champi and put some multani mitthi on my face. Mum will make yummy puran poli's. I'll take to office tomorrow:) *shakes delightfully

Rani (Street girl) - Hamare liye tho roj Holi hain madam..kabhie yeh mard log idhar color lagathe tho kabhie udhar...bole tho ..koi ijjath hi nahi madam...upar se complain karo tho police log bhi...#$^$%^%$ saala! *deadpan

Disclaimer: All names have been changed in order to protect their 'Real' identities. Please don't be alarmed if you find any resemblance to anybody whom you have happened to hear about even remotely. Happy Holi, guys!


Prasant Naidu. said...

Funny hun :P. sahi hai love the humor and colorful like holi.
happy holi.

kanagu said...

:( :( I don't know about any of those heroines and hindi too :(

Fr Jerry said...

This is a funny holi post! Like the one on Sonia. :):)

Nikita Banerjee said...

LOL. Nice one...hope you had a good holi.

Vinnie said...

thanks yaar! hope u had a great Holi too!

sorry about the Hindi!

Fr. Jerry
thanks! good to have entertained u:)

u bet i did! thanks for the LOL

all oral n twitter feedback
The street girl Rani portrays the much-evolved spirit of women who have submitted against their will but still maintain their dignity.

I'm not a feminist n all..or i'm as much a feminist as Madhur Bandharkar is!!

Wake up n smell, Guys!!(pun intended)
P.S: have added new label, guess karo!

Jack said...


How life goes has been so beautifully said in URH RAHE .... . Had a good laugh at this one till last one brought me to reality as what Rani said is so true.

Take care

Aditi..............:) said...

What does Vinnie say about Holi ;-)

Vinnie said...

Ud rahe hain hum...jaane kis aur...!!!
thank u, Uncle:) getting a compliment on a 'deep' poem from a life veteran means that i've really grown up!!

am happy 4 giving u a good laugh with this holi post..but within every laugh lies a tear...There r thousands of Rani's in Mumbai streets n thousands more in our colorful world! But we choose to wear wipers unfortunately :(

thanks for ur feedback n ur time:)

Vinnie said...

hey girl! How's u?
well, vinnie says 'holi is a festival of colors...Indians love colors...we r colorful ppl...blah..blah ...blahblahblah!!'

Hope u had a great holi...just as filmi as Mumbai can be:)

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