Jan 1, 2009

Lessons learnt in the year gone by…

1) Never be obsessed with your name; it’s just a dead asset which never appreciates or depreciates in value no matter how beautiful your name is! The final judgment is not based on your name; rather it’s what you have achieved to live up to it.

2) A friend forever in need is a foe indeed! In fact, a foe can be dealt with but these – they can be classified rather as ‘parasitic organisms’ that believe in living off the sweet nectar prepared by some busy bees like you while they go fluttering awhile. You the busy bee wouldn’t even know what’s been eating you from within!

3) Never trust a woman’s tears; chances are that you would take an altogether dangerous path in the process of wiping them away – a path which no man has dared to ever take in an otherwise tranquil state of mind, and then realize that the path is a one way and her tears: the perpetual waterworks gifted to her as an organ of offence and defense.

4) Sympathy is the most inhuman emotion; not even for your enemy should you show any sympathy. Every one of us wants a fair fight, a fair strife, a fair share - no matter which side we are on…even the physically challenged! Never confuse sympathy towards a friend as ‘love’: it is everything but love which springs from respect and acknowledgement of man’s true potential.

5) Look at the donkey seriously. It carries burden without any appreciation or expectation of concern ever, moreover it never complains, though tired and moves on in the present state as if there is no tomorrow. Next time, be grateful if someone calls you an ‘ass’ and direct them to this post!

6) Forgiveness is difficult but the only path to freedom, agreed! So, always start forgiveness as a ‘down payment’ followed by monthly installments. This attitude to ‘forgive’ always works than trying to forgive all at once, which more often leaves open scars. Who knows, in the process…one day forgiveness might come as a natural response to hurt!

7) Learn respect for duty as a higher form of love from the trees. Trees will live only silently; do their duty without a sigh - never heard of a tree that stopped giving sweet fruits since some insane human cut its branches or cut it off altogether. The tree is wise enough to gift its wood for our shelter as if its fruits are not sufficient reciprocal to mankind’s barter.

8) Kidnapping a child is not always bad. A child when it is a prostitute’s one especially should be kidnapped and gifted to ‘childless’ couples. There is no other ‘shameful’ childhood than being a whore’s kid even malnutrition and nakedness can be outgrown but the shame associated with such roots always leads to ‘dis-associated’ adults.

9) I will fail at first, maybe second, maybe many more times; but same was the case with Einstein, Newton and other ‘normal’ geniuses. Every idea or thought has its purpose already defined before originating. A time will come when that idea or thought has fulfilled its purpose; in whose action has it fulfilled its purpose is nobody’s matter. So carry on, be humble. I am just a vehicle.

10) Never take a loan. Being in debt is akin to donating your spine to the devil, neither the devil wants to return it nor will it be returned in all its glory. The only loan we have to accept and continue to repay is that of our Mother’s womb, no amount however large is sufficient enough to tilt the balance in our favor!

11) All energy or matter that forms our beautiful world listens. If I have got pain, it is because I asked for it. Now on, I will ask only for happiness and cease my analysis and judgments for once. God is our loving father indeed!

12) Rub my slate clean. Start afresh. Even a scribble here and there and I will never set out to do whatever I originally intended. So, wishing you all a Fresh New Year!


Senorita said...

@ Vin...this is bit too difficult for my candy floss brain to comment on...lemme comeback after a few days and comment on it :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

confused post ?? aur me too confused.. you said lessons learnt but doesnot really look like a lesson :(

Scrawler said...

Lessons For Life!

But vins....can we reapy for mother's womb?NO Dear..
Motherhood is a priceless posession that can never be repaid.All that we could do is hum a hymn in the name of her beauty!

Vinnie said...

Sen, did u say candy floss brain??? hmmm..God knows whats mine then - maybe sand or clay!!
take ur time...read it in absolute leisure sweetie :)

ST, hmmm..kahi main new year cheers mein tight hokar tho nahi likhi yeh sab ?? hahhhaaaa
shayad yes...lekin shath pratisath sach hain...read it after forgetting whatever u know :):)

Scrawler, absolutely correct dear!!
hence, how much ever we sing in her praise, the balance never tilts in our favor!!

Scrawler said...

for more story on the priceless posession read this


Scattered Thoughts... said...

oye.. where is the story of baby's day out.. first thing after coming to office is, I opened your blog and huh..

Scattered Thoughts... said...

scrawler - Page not found
Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Daughter's Diary (Indelible Voice Of A Daughter) does not exist.

Vinnie said...

Scrawler, that link doesnt open..but i read the poem u wrote in May - In Praise of a Priceless Possession and its Beautiful, dear!

ST, Baby's Day out!! hehhehee..i did try but there were too many things to do..will give it a shot some time this year:) :)

Karthik said...

Happy NEw yr!!!

sawan said...

the third point is impresive, especially wen it comes from a woman!

sawan said...

wow, quite a serius post..i am impressed with the 6th point as well!!

sawan said...

failed to agree with the 8th point. not every prostitute is born by choice! they love their children the same way others do. We cant just stamp them "whores" without knowing their soul. harsh word! many are already beaten down by their destiny. please, show some kindness through ur words.

sawan said...

Happy new year dear.

Scrawler said...

Sawan...again i'm telling..'a Book Has ONE VOICE,but it does not instruct everyone alike!"

you failed to make a proper interpretation of Vinnie's point

Vinnie said...

Sawan Saar, Happy New Year..we will continue to wish till Jan end looks lik:):)

abt the 8th point, i have utmost respect n kindness for prostitutes. but, here i am refering to their children...they may love them but the society never accepts them..these kids suffer horribly, even animals r treated better...these women shouldnt have kids at all.
this one came from a painful news article that i had read.

Scrawler, :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

vin dear - bad news - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Entertainment/Paris_dating_George_Clooney_/articleshow/3930732.cms

JOSH said...

@ Vin - I believe 2008 has made you lot wiser and with this post you made all the readers wiser too.

Vinnie said...

ST, not really..George would know what a bloated airhead she is..he is accused of womanising because he hasnt met the one made for him, ie. obviously me :)
now that Hrithik is happily married n all, mera kya hoga what with Georgy so many miles away literally saath samandar paar !!

JOSH, true! hope to be like that till this year end :)

Anonymous said...

Point 1. name may not; but the surname/ title always in religion/caste ridden India.

2. God may give us a option very soon, to right click and delete or hibernate a so called friends …
till then use 'ignore' button option..

3. u r absolutely right .. but we r human.. always take a chance….

4. with u :)

5. quickly understood this point … its an ass-et to be archived..

6.boy says: 'forgive me friend..it is not intentional' , girl says : its ok. ( and tells all her friends that he is untrustworthy )

7. good example… sadly ..ya.. we are still attached to trees…

8. no need to kidnap. those unfortunate mothers' will happily hand over their daughter to right parents

9. what's the 'idea', may I pirate it .

10. no comment on second part .

11. the best decision :)

12. lets start fresh… HAPPY NEW YEAR

Oh God, thank u !!! I am not alone .. there r more and more people around this world who are weird ;)

Karthik said...

12 months- 12 philosophies... How come Vinnie? You spring a surprise in every post!!

Vinnie said...

Karmanna, Happy New Year, wierdo!
thank god, u r just like me ! i finally found my friend:)

abt point 8, they naturally would but in this once case she filed a police case n got her child back from the couple...denying it a right to respect n dignity

abt point 9, hehhehehe...not worth it n dangerous..pirates r being targetted now, at sea, in music, movies, software, everywhere:)

Vinnie said...

Karthik, hehhehehe .. never realised about 12:)
glad to c u back..

Karthik said...

Tell some Websites akka to download Hindi films along with Subs!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin good post. Here are my views

1)May be maybe not. Some names sound good we love them.

2)I'm not sure. May be not everyone of them

3)As a guy if I comment to agree I'll be termed an insensitive MCP. So whatever it be.

4)May be at times when we are at the receiving end. but no harm if we can regulate it.

5)hmmm. agreed

6)Great thoughts

7)I disagree. hey have emotions too. We had a mango tree in our school yard. We as students used to pelt stones at it and it used to give bountiful fruits. the teachers stopped us from throwing stones saying it's dangerous. The next season fruits were less. An one year later it stopped production all at once. And it was later cut down. i don't know if this is coincidence but I believe tree can respond to our actions.

8)It's hard to live as the child but the mother is not always at fault. The so called good people like us are the ones who made them so. I partially agree to eachof the comments above.

9)Hurray. A contagious optimist

10)Hmm, I will hed this advice in future.

11) Vin, I love you. you are great.

12)everyday is the firstday of the rest of your life.

Vinnie said...

hehhehe..Karthik !
sub-titles ah? hmmmm..googl search did give quite a few..didnt check for quality though :)

Chris, hmmm..u guys destroyed its reproductive system !! how will it give any fruits??? instead of cutting it..should shower some love...it would cover u guys with mangoes !! thanks for sharing this:)

Chriz said...

pooh? haha.. get obsessed with the name.. christopher robin here...

and my new mission: find a prostitute and kidnap her child

Anonymous said...

@Vin. That's what I said. The tree gave fruit because it liked the children and there love for her. Once we stopped throwig stones, it became sad and became less productive and eventually comitted suicide.

Vinnie said...

Chriz, great mission!!!
thanks for visiting:)

Chris, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! seriously, they do have emotions then..just remembered Jagdish Bose's experiment proving this theory..

workhard said...

Hey girl, thats a cool post, i like 8 and 10 best...

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