Jan 30, 2009

What every woman must know…

OK! I’m no expert nor am I doing any research on what women must know, have or do to be happy. This is just my collective experience as a human and especially as a woman to be happy in these stressful and fast times. And of course, it is not only for women readers, men too can take a cue to understand women better and hopefully keep their wives, mothers, sisters and above all girlfriends happy! Firstly, we are also Homo sapiens just like men and not any lesser in any way other than a few curves here and there and the obvious absence of excessive body hair. We cry when we are happy too - we are wired that way. We give birth to men and nourish them with our blood and that too joyfully. Just for that, we need respect and a sense of awareness of who we really are. Sadly, men don’t want to accept our strength and so deem that we are from ‘Venus’!

Here are a few things I can recollect and I’m sure you guys have more.

1) A Smile – Every woman needs to keep a smile in her heart always which will reflect on her face. The smile makes us feel good about ourselves and enhances our appeal. It is not easy to keep smiling in our hearts if our hearts are injured so the next tips are about how to have a ‘happy’ heart!

2) Forgiveness – Again, this is the first thing we need to know - our hearts should be filled with only love and not hatred. A ‘love-filled’ heart is a ‘happy’ heart! Forgive men for they know not what they do – should be our motto!

3) A girlfriend – A close friend from ‘Venus’ is the sure shot way to a healthy heart. She should be ready to meet you even in her pajamas and oil champi, if need be. Both of you can serve each other better than empty walls and beds.

4) A friend from ‘Mars’! – A close male friend with whom we are not romantically involved is a wonderful experience. We not only understand ourselves better but also our ‘male’ partners better too. No more ending up with fights related to conversations about our dream vacation while our partners would be dreaming about watching the FIFA cup live! That’s just how they are wired –So we refer to them as ‘Martians’!

5) Shopping – Whoever coined the term ‘Retail therapy’ must be The Goddess herself! Shopping helps us heal anytime and especially after a break-up. Anyways, most of us lose so much weight in grieving that we need a whole new wardrobe!

6) A cute teddy bear – This one I need not explain, one must experience a close friend in a teddy – he never abandons you, loves you just the way you are – un-waxed, un-threaded, a little moustache, a little stubble whatever – you are always his princess!

7) A bar of chocolate – Need any explanation here? Its not ‘diamonds’ but ‘chocolates’ that are a woman’s best friend. Every woman should carry a bar of chocolate on her at all times and especially during that time of the month.

8) Surprise gifts – Every woman should gift sweet surprises just like that - like a warm hug, a charm, a trinket, a junk ear ring, a musical box, a little singing birdie, a gift coupon, a fresh perfume, the latest lip gloss, whatever…it may not be expensive but it should be thoughtful. What goes around comes around, so ladies, be ready to receive all this in much more abundance!

9) A good book – Every woman needs to curl up with a good book. Knowledge is the only way towards empowerment and happiness. Do collect and keep a small shelf beside your dressing table and make sure that you share them with your women friends. Have at least one book of poems or quotes and one book by a woman author – they write really well!

10) A healthy bank balance – This is an area we are scared to tread but trust me we need to be financially independent no matter who we are – who’s daughter, who’s wife, who’s sister – everything is about our sense of achievement by what we earn. It really brings in a whole sense of being and gives us our freedom of self-expression like nothing else does.

11) An interesting wardrobe- Have a nice set of clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and bags all bought with the help of that close girlfriend. Accept her opinion if something you love looks horrible on you in her eyes.

12) A ‘No’ – The power to say a ‘no’ when you mean a ‘no’ is the first sign of empowerment. Do not do anything if you are not comfortable with it. Learn to say a ‘no’ even if it hurts somebody’s sentiments. We cannot please everybody. We are not super-beings.

13) Forget numbers – Yes, every woman should forget stupid numbers like her age, weight, hairfall rate, etc. These have nothing to do with a ‘happy’ heart rather if she worries with these numbers, she will only end up with high blood pressure! I gave up on my weight gain program:)

14) A little exercise regime – Every women needs to spend some time on her muscles, bones, blood circulation, etc. Even walking for half an hour adds oodles of happiness to your heart. So, ladies, go take a walk!

15) Eat whenever your hungry – This is the best thing towards a happy tummy and thus a happy heart. Trust me, our body needs food only when we are hungry or rather we feel hungry since our body needs food. Everything else like diet etc. is all humbug – bakwas…so go on attack and eat whatever!

I.P.S. (Interesting post script) : I could go on and on but these are and will be the most important ones I have experienced. Sorry about the long post but I almost feel like it’s ‘Woman’s Day’ today!! Don’t forget to share your ‘happy’ heart tips too!
Have a ‘Happy’ heart guys!


Chriz said...

my next trip is to venus... but before that ill go to mexico, give a kiss to salma hayek and then go

Scattered Thoughts... said...

wooo!!! great observation ma'am :) njoyed reading it and yes, my mind was also here.. :)

BTW, quite different flavor from how you were acting from last couple of days.. now don't ask "how" coz I guess I need not to describe it here :)

keep smiling.. you, your heart and of course your tummy :P

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Oye.. vo theme kahan gaya.. Christmas tree se ek dum plain simple ho gaya ye to..

isko b blank canvas bana diya kya :)

Senorita said...

@ Vin...also needs a driver...travelling is less stressful that way :P

She could also do with a "Bad Hair free" life...

A Body like "Elastica" from "the Incredibles" ...so that she could fit herself into any clothes...

Last but not the least...she needs GUMPTION...

Vinnie said...

Chriz, all The best man..hope u r alright for the Mexico to Venus trip!!!

ST, thank u!! i need some days like that to get a clear picture of everything:)
ur mind is where, i will find out..will ask surprise questions based on my posts!!!
festive season over...now pooh is back to business...back to basics...back to square 1 :)

Senorita, Sweetieeeeeeee...driver is ok n an absolute must for ppl like me:):) but 'bad hair free' days - maybe we should go bald for that :):)
Elastica can go to hell..we will design our own clothes, no matter what size...we love our bodies anyhow:):)
Gumption (checked in dictionary!!!) - then we wouldnt be women after all:):)

Anonymous said...

1…. application must be extended to all human sapiens .. when weekend special cops catch u for late night driving .. they don’t smile even after collecting hefty bribe :(
2.forgive all .. must be the motto.:)
3.every night I walk in to my home to find ready-to-eat ‘home made food’ invitation. My girlfriend is free only after.. ‘kasam se’ ‘dulhann’ ko ‘satt phere’ karkke ‘teen bahuraniyoon’ ka hath me dham lenekke badh
4.sorry… I am not involved with any male friend ‘romantically’
5.true :D
6.u r right, again
7.oho…second part is knowledge.. I never knew …
8.the first gift.. my wife don’t allow me to share …
9.good .. good… very very good advice !!!
10,11,12. a big YES!!
14.walk .. but not to the next door super bazaar..
15.vineee… I am with u …
challo!! Lets go to the pizza hut …

Vinnie said...

Karmanna !!!
addendum to 4)- only for 'women' puhleeeeeese :):)

sawan said...

i liked the fifth one and the explanation for it the best :P

Sush said...

a very useful post indeed!! shud come handy .. nope ... can't think of anything that u wud hv missed... in fact i'm thinking of putting pt.8 to practice with immediate effect!

Scrawler said...

15/15 for this post! :-)

Vinnie said...

Sawan Saar!!!
thanks man..now follow it right away:):) recession mein shopping ka maza hi aur hain, na ?

Sush, hehhehee...thank u thank u:) lets start with me then ?? !!

Scrawler, Wow!! coming from a Teacher & a Woman at that, just wow:):) thanks!!

sush said...

:) .. u bet i was actually going to do that .. alas! .. it will not be a surprise anymore .. guess my wife would be the lucky recipient instead.

sush said...

:) .. u bet i was actually going to do that .. alas! .. it will not be a surprise anymore .. guess my wife would be the lucky recipient instead.

Vinnie said...

Sush, u echoing in my chat window :):)
i dont know anything abt what u were gonna do?? or plan to do:):) I love surprises !!!
neways, ur lucky wife:):)

Karthik said...

//and above all girlfriends happy!//

mmmm.... (Deep Breath) if i'd had once i would have written this post a way before!!

Vinnie said...

Karthik, now u read na....don worry u will soon have many, not one :):) enjoy !!

Karthik said...

ahhh.... Reg shopping, she has 2 spend for me... :) My purse has ek rupee keliye!!!

Vinnie said...


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