Mar 27, 2009

The Common Man’s Rap song!

yippie! It's election time again. As all our beloved parties have made up their campaign numbers, we, the common men and women too need a song, don't we? So, here goes the Common Man's rap song...

yeah! coz
nothin’s gonna take it
away from me
nothin’s gonna change it
for your end is me
chuck it or fake it..yeah
yeah…chuck it or fake it
no bugger is gonna make it…

[Verse 1]

i’m off the track n i’m beginnin to lose it
i have high BP as all you do is TP
O shucks! damn your rottin n-e-t-a-giri
you come knockin on our doors
you beg for votes, spend a fortune on hopes
for your creepy little ****holes
O shucks! damn your rottin c-h-a-m-c-h-a-giri

[Chorus repeat]

[Verse 2]

i’m sick n nauseous n ever ready to throw up
O this carbon dioxide n other oxides make me suck up,
this road on the vehicles is driving me mad
as little vermins are scattered around quite bad
that lady I see, IS ain’t gonna m-a-k-e it
she walks the tight rope, Huh! BIG hope
woman n child, you use to cover your a**
O shucks! damn your rottin d-e-v-e-lopment plans

[Chorus repeat]

[Verse 3]

i’m walkin past trains, i’m walkin past planes
blasts don’t scare me, as i duck a bullet or two
my coffers are ever dry as you pocket all my taxes
O shucks! damn your healthy life n lapses
wanna blacken your face, point a finger at you
damn! my morals ain’t give me that space
O shucks! damn me… as I’m not a menace
this every common man’s r-e-a-l-i-t-y

[Chorus repeat]

P.S. : the rap style i imagined is Eminem n maybe he could team up with Jazzy B n i must thank Peter for the rap inspiration n hot news is that the pooh is gonna be away to her 100-acre woods n would return on the fourth day of the fourth month...i can see Karthik already jumping up n down! Ciao, folks!


kanagu said...

nice one Vinnie.. enjoyed reading it :)

i dont care who u r
what u do
as long as u put in
a comment or two!

Poem!! Poem!! :D

kanagu said...

enjoy your holidays and come back soon :)

Ragpicker said...

i’m walkin past trains, i’m walkin past planes
blasts don’t scare me, as i duck a bullet or two <--- this is reality at its best !
\ Hey Yo ! Freako , WeGono RiP Ya A$$ , Theres Aint no Congressman whos not diggin our cash ! /

Liked it !!! Nice work . You seem to be a Hip-Hop fan I guess. Adorable stuff. Funny, Sarcastic and Real. I enjoyed its every line.
Thanks so much!

P.S : I'm not much of a HIP-HOP lover , as I'm mostly into extreme metal genres , but however I do admire EMINEM. :)

Anonymous said...

:) lovely !!! (Eminem !!! wow ! thank u )

Chronicwriter said...

oh eminem it was?

i tried the glen mediores style of a romantic version... then it dint fit well..

anyways nice rap version..

ru joining my shazhal classes?

or should i start a new rap course?

Scattered Thoughts... said...

cool one.. definitely better than your poems re :))

and yeah.. have a blast on vacations :) see ya soon

peter said...

Yo !!

gimme 5, you wrote a RAP huh ?
It got sense, it's just not blah!
I am glad you 'fork'ed them
I am kinda jumpin, u mocked them.
They need to get their butts pilled off.
and the hands-band for their meal-off.

Awryt I thank you for thanking me,
I thank u for doin it my way & not spanking me ;)
Days are less u can really countdown.
Get back and surprise us from your down town ;)

Kartz said...

politician - n. Someone who shakes your hand before the election and shakes you up after it.


Interesting lines. Must say!

- woman n child, you use to cover your a**
- cdnt ve been put better.

Enjoy your break. Sure it must have been well-earned.

See you around...


ApocalypsE said...

tat was so cool...:)
I'm lost for words maybe vins-the rapper could lend me some...

der Bergwind said...

cool one.. now if i try to put in a couple of more praises, id sound like netagiri... but even 'stan' (eminemz fan from the song with dido..) wud wanna give u a rapper salute!!
real cool..

BrownPhantom said...

Why don't u record and upload it on your blog :).

CM-Chap said...

lol... Awesome.

I could nvr link politics so nicely. Kudos

Tazeen said...

loved it :)

Karthik said...


Karthik said...

V to the O to the T to the E


Thats what V need

Mads said...

u must be back to blogging within 2 days :D..came here through peter's blog.

really awesome work there..i liked the netagiri and chamchagiri part hell lot \:D/
next time don't censor the ass and fuckers type words :D :P
great work :)

♀»$tuti™ ღ ... said...

gr8 post................
neways happy birthday......:)

Unknown!!! said...

cool rap song :)
btw happy birthday!

Vinnie said...

thank u saar:) yeah, that too a very original rhyme..but some copycats by the name of boyzone stole it from me:)
Holidays were the coolest one ever, n yes i'm back...hope u havent posted much in the last few days!

Thanks man! ur lines r cooler though...i'm not a fan of eminem but i like most lyrics of his rap numbers as they depict only reality..

:) thank u:)
another amazing number by eminem!

r u asking me whether i wanna slow-poison myself or give you the fees n utter pleasure to do this to ur students??
hahaha..thanks anyways!

frequency match ah? thanks n the vacation was an unforgetable one!

Peter rapper u r really! really cool n yeah, me is back with some substance in my rack:)

the man of peace! thanks man..n yep..see u around too if my head is not yet goo :)

hah! thanks man..just a freaky attempt inspired by a seasoned rapper:)

Vinnie said...

der Bergwind
:) thanks a million for that n i hope that salute isnt diluted...i'll never dare to attempt another rap :)

yeah, nice idea but that would be blasphemy to eminem n other great rappers:)

thank u .. thank u...thanks for the visit too:)

hehe..really? thanks girl!

wow!! thats so cool, sweety..ok, now go study..dont write anwers in rap :):)

thanks so much, yaar! inspired by Peter na..ab kya kare..bhaaki fodder tho netas hi dete hain..yeah, i wont censor vital words:)

thanks girl:):) n thanks a million for ur wishes:)

thanks man..n i wonder where exactly do they give out celebrity birthday's ???
thanks for ur wishes...

Unknown!!! said...

Celebs are always watched...madam...btw Osama Bin Laden's bday is 10th march :)

Vinnie said...

:) oh, he was celebrating his birthday at Hindkush? u from intelligence unit???

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

oh great great...can i also get a chance to sing a word or 2 in this song? ok i am out of tune...but i am not that bad...please let me sing with eminem and jazzy b

Vinnie said...

Gayathri hehehe...first let Eminem n Jazzy B accept my plead! nahi tho..we both can do it together, what say ?

Dishita said...

Nice one! So apt!

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