Mar 23, 2009

Kasab and Karma!

In 1947, India faced an uncertain yet jubilant future sparked by the British retreat. The Congress and the Muslim league had major difference of opinion regarding the new independent nation. Jinnah of the Muslim league was of the ideology that a new nation needs to be established purely based on the Quran - the holy book of Islam and that true followers of Islam will not find justice in an independent India or Hindustan or Land of the Hindus. Gandhi, the apostle of non-violence, the father of the nation gave his nod. The British got to divide her although they no longer would rule!

Like every birth involves the umbilical separation, an emotionally evolving process, the birth of the new nation was too. It became to be called the ‘Partition’ and that new piece of land called Pakistan or the ‘Land of the Pure’.

In this Land of the Pure, some twenty years ago a boy named ‘Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab’ was born. They taught him Urdu and the Quran. They taught him the religious ways of what they believed to be pure and also the need to cleanse the impure as per the holy Quran. He believed that the Quran indeed sanctions killing innocents to restore the purity. He learnt dutifully as any staunch Muslim would do and should do.

He came to Mumbai along with nine other such ‘misled’ young boys on a cleansing mission. They did manage to cleanse the corruption that was quite rampant in Mumbai power circles but Allah knows if they cleansed any of the ‘impure’! Allah knows who’s mission it was that got fulfilled! They triggered quite a hysteric reaction among the common people who didn’t know where to go for help. Unfortunately, the other nine died in their cause, leaving Kasab to come to terms with his ‘learnings’ and the ‘fruits of his labor’. He does this in Arthur road jail in central Mumbai which is in the Land of the Hindus by the way.

Whiling away his time in prison, as Hindustan and Pakistan fight it out with a 11,000 page charge sheet against him, Karma, the cycle of cause and effect brings him face to face with Truth and Non-violence. He now reads the Urdu translation of the Mahatma’s autobiography ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’. Nearly, sixty years have passed with this influential book circling around the globe, but was there any possibility that this boy would read this book in the very land his ancestors had chosen to abandon?


Lancelot said...

@ Vin

awesome way of putting it - I am sure not many cud understand what you have conveyed here - and I am for one doesn't like let me rest my comment here...

Sri said...

Lovely posting!The religious play by the people with power!!!

Fr Jerry said...

I am not sure what you want to convey here. But somewhere in your writing you see Muslims as one and Pakistan again as on the wrong side of the coin.

The partition was a very painful process for all the people involved and it happens in smaller forms as genocide and violence against helpless communities in India even today.

And India is not Hindustan, which means the land of the Hindus. If you suscribe to the "we were here first ideology", then the tribals and other primal communities deserve that tag. So I dont get your point. If it is what I think it is, it is very disturbing!

Vinnie said...

thanks! my Karma, i guess!
if we understand Christ, maybe we understand Gandhi..but we will not understand so easily...maybe after a lot of bloodshed :(

thanks! lets put it as 'Power play in the name of Religion'! n a poor boy got caught badly...

Vinnie said...

Fr Jerry,

Gosh! No, that’s not what I was trying to convey, Fr.

I was talking about Karma – the cycle of cause and effect from an objective point of view.

India n Pakistan – two nations cleavaged by Partition from a single piece of land – a single ideology towards liberation, BUT this Partition was most painful as it was based on ‘religion’. I never said Muslims are one or Pakistan is wrong :) and the ‘Land of the Hindus’ is just a metaphor to convey that a Muslim boy finally has come to the land of his ancestors or literally translated ‘Hindustan’ (one of India’s names) - to read an autobiography by a Hindu man who was quite instrumental in the Partition…..if u dont like it, i will put 'Bharat':)

No nation can “belong to” or “be owned by” one single religion alone. It is only brotherhood, harmony and an equal tolerance towards all religions, races n gender that works which is called ‘Secularism’. Aren’t both nations today suffering the consequences of that ?

And, when I say ‘a Muslim boy’, I’m not condemning Muslims here. It is the ‘radical’ ideology held by some extremists looking out to conquer the world in the name of Allah. One may call them ‘Pseudo-Muslims’or 'Enemies of Islam', but Kasab who was trained by these ‘Enemies of Islam' doesn’t know that! He doesn’t know the real message of Allah, isn’t aware of the righteous Islamic way of living as devised by the Prophet. He has just started the journey of ‘self-realisation’ and may this go a long way in bringing the two divided brothers namely, India n Pakistan together to the source of where WE all belong – the source of brotherhood, harmony and an equal tolerance towards all religions, races n gender.

Tell me which God (most Benevolent) sanctions the killing of innocents? Can any God prescribe ‘killing’ as a ‘cleansing method’?

Kasab is a metaphor for ignorance and violence, whereas Gandhi is a metaphor for Truth and non-violence.
...........and the twain has met!

kanagu said...

A well written post Vinnie... could not understand it completely in first read.. will be back to add some more comments on this :)

Ragpicker said...

Firstly I must admit you have touched the heart of indoctrination of the people across both sides of the border that has been so prevalent for all these years. Well upto a certain level of consciousness I can understand the epistemological influence over the karma and effect but on a very simple scale of rationalism there is only one truth.
And that is Sir Issac Newton's third law : "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".

Both countries have been founded on the intellectual battle of the so called "wise:" leaders and bloodshed between the average ram and rahim. The dumbfounded and law of convenience based ideals are the prime roots to people like Ajmal Kasav. Majority of the population still feeds on hypocrisy on both sides of the border. Gandhi and Jinnah did what they could. Rest of the maturity of the upcoming generations were not their responsibility.

And either way the forlorn conventions have further tied the hands of the mass who wish to bring a change. If these people are exposed to study mysticism,kymatica and other agnostic subjects , they will come to know about a very pathetic and morally shocking truth of their lives. Lets keep this part aside as it is beyond the scope of the discussion here.

Coming back Kasav, he is just another by product of a 60 yr old geo-political catalysis that went horribly wrong due to the improper composition of the fundamental philosophical elements.

Thanks for sharing this post. It was a good read !!!!!


Senorita said...

@ Vinnie... maybe I am plain dumb ... but what is the outcome of all this cause and effect... Kasav may read Gandhi's autobiography, for that matter he may read Vivekananda's Call to the nation... but how does it help in the scheme of things... will it help stop the bloodshed in the valley... I think not...

Karthik said...

//Nearly, sixty years have passed with this influential book circling around the globe, but was there any possibility that this boy would read this book in the very land his ancestors had chosen to abandon?//

Even if the boy reads, will it influence him and bring a change in his mindset??

Vinnie said...

:) thanks!
dunno abt Scrawler..mayb busy with her kids final term tests:)

hehhehe..this aint poetry!
i think its time to pack my bags from blogsvilla:)

MultiMenon said...

Hello Vinnie,Nicely written though I get an undertone of putting Pakistan on the wrong side of things.What needs to be understood as far as am concerned is tht there are for sure extremist elkemnts up der,but why blame the whole country for the miseries.Its also a fact that the government has no control over things tht have been transpiring there but I ges it ain't rite blaming the whole country still..

those are strictly my views and ur for sure welcome to contradict too.. :) Something tells me ur a history/PS/humanities student..?? :)

Read ur interview in the Pak spectator to,was real nice.. :)



Vinnie said...

Thanks for putting across your views though a little cryptic!

yeah, Gandhi n Jinnah did what they thought best that time, but the subsequent leaders on both sides of the border have messed up.
this post is an objective way of observing events/facts across timelines.

Newton's 3rd law of motion is nothing but a subset of the Law of Karma, where Karma affects upon everything - subtle as well as gross, in the case of 'subtle' things, we cant observe in realtime, unless we can tap the sub-conscious of every being in Nature.

Maybe another 60 yrs later, we can see the effects of this 'supposedly' insignificant event.

Vinnie said...

good thought:) - i suggest u keep working on this thought line till you see meaning...

Bloodshed has happened wherever there r ppl throughout the ages - through numerous wars, infights, etc. Has anybody ever been able to stop these?

No event occurs at random or is a coincidence. The Law of Karma is in place eternally irrespective of time, space, good, bad,etc. It just IS. What is occuring both sides of border is also Karma. What is happening in Swat is also Karma. The outcome is now in the subtle world. It will be manifested in the 'gross' world but maybe you and me will not experience it in this 'form' that we have taken (Vin n Sen, 2009 A.D.)

mind it, i have also tagged this post as 'spirituality'!

Vinnie said...

i will answer that by asking you a question. ok va?
if u do not read a subject at all, will you be able to 'understand' its ideology, will you be able to 'form' your own answers when u have a test on that?

anyways, sweetie, u concentrate on ur Newton's Laws not Karma theory:)
All the best da!

Vinnie said...

Nikhil, lets not say 'contradict', rather let it be called 'exchange'.

I am not blaming anything or anybody nor am i putting Gandhi on a pedestal or Kasab on a noose.
The land of Pakistan is also where the extremists are camping, in that sense i have called that piece of land as Pakistan.

Pakistan is suffering n badly needs help, Taliban has taken over Swat, gradually we may see more areas being taken over in the name of peace treaty:) This inspite of the fact that the whole world knows about 'Talibans' motive.
When 26/11 happened in Mumbai, we all cried Pakistan Pakistan!!!
Did we say 'The extremist radical thinking ppl who have occupied some parts of Pakistan' ??? !!!

This post is an objective observation of Karma theory based on facts/events n ppl involved 2008-09...the effects of which we may see circa 2090!

i am extremely sorry if anybody's sentiments regarding Pakistan have been hurt. Pakistan is dear to my heart too, trust me!

P.S. no Nikhil, i'm a Statistics n IT student, now dabbling in visual arts! Thanks for reading the interview...n thanks for the visit!
But, here in blogsvilla, u may consider me 'The Observer' :)

Fr Jerry said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Ragpicker said...

Well vinnie you are profoundly correct about what you said.

What are the chances in this world that one would believe only a certain % of all the actions that humans take everyday is from their conscious mind and rest is guided thoroughly by the sub-conscious mind. Only neural science has the answer. They indeed have figured this out.

This is the very reason why the whole scheme of New World Order has its primary pillar of power based on mind control.

Further references you can check it here:

People are brainwashed since the ancient times and the tricks of trade is nothing new nor the objective of the power mongers. Its very simple -> mass hypnosis.

Kasav is just merely a tool for his handler's handlers. The one who pulls the string are not sitting inside a Salafi mosque preaching prophecies of prophet mohammed but the guys sitting in Wall Street (the shadow world government). What we see or believe is just bits and pieces of what we come to know from the mainstream media and other sources.
Everyone is pointing fingers at each other just like before the partition during the time of the British. Its the same story today just the characters and situations have changed. But the theme remains the same.People need to see the biggest possible picture at the highest level of global power hierarchy.

Any intelligence guy knows this very well that there is nothing called 'Al-Qaeda'. Kasav who is linked to LeT is just an organization of fanatics funded by the CIA to sustain the US control and entrench their presence in South East Asia. China cannot be easily tapped because of the totalitarian form of Government over there , so they play around with countries with American Style democracies in this region.

Any political powerhouse will never want terrorism to stop and neither there is a shortage of volunteers. And there is enough poverty on this planet to feed the organizations with the right fanatic. There are enough proof and evidence to suggest that none of the religions ever existed and we have a very misinformed history of civilizations that is taught to us in the schools.Thus the only thing left to see is Kasav may be granted redemption , he may purify himself or he will most probably get executed. This way its only curing the patient but not the disease which is deep rooted inside our own minds. Who is gona kill that ???

Inder said...

partition or no partition.. there will always be powerful people who want sad things to happen. they will find stupid people to make their dreams come true. sad. but true :(

der Bergwind said...

gandhi lives on bank notes and munna bhai spoofs... the deabte over indian politics, existence and gandhi would take us 'beyond salvage' but then the post ends in an interesting question but as one would know... sometimes there are no answers at all; so you have given a beginning of the end..


Excellent post.
Gandhi tried to teach us war craft of boomerangs.the pathways of truth...always coming back to the hunter himself.
take care

Chriz said...

hey hey

hold on...

i wrote an article on getting misled too..

kasab again...

that baby faced boy it was..

peter said...

that is a sensible post :D
else i have only seen ppl cribbing about that attack and their indignation took over all the unnecessary things in the world and blah blah ..!!

Vinnie said...

Fr. Jerry
u r welcome, Fr..hope u not disturbed anymore:)

checked out both videos n man, were they shocking?? !!!
the disjoint parts r unnerving n somehow everything seems to be interlinked..kept me thinking longggggg...
Mankind needs a complete n irreversible 'mind-makeover' to return back to innocence.
"The Evil is Us - U, me , all of us" :):)
Thanks a bunch, Rags..this exchange will be a special one!

Vinnie said...

sad n cruel too..

der Bergwind,
:) the beginning of the end - sounds scary...but again the only way to salvation n a new beginning:)

:)thank u, sir:)

a hilarious take as usual..Kasab is good fodder :)

Peter, too cribbed when the terror struck Mumbai ...only now observing objectively...thanks man!

Karthik said...

//if u do not read a subject at all, will you be able to 'understand' its ideology, will you be able to 'form' your own answers when u have a test on that?//

This is the only reason Y I Hate to come to Vin's blog!!

vin's reply: hehehehhehehhehehhehe

Ragpicker said...

Yes vinnie everything is interlinked. You have got the right feeling. The price & quality of a small zarda pan that is sold in streets of Agra can be affected by the sneeze of a banker like Rockfeller in the Wall Street,NY.

Butterfly Effect! dear

We are born capable of EVIL things as we are just another primate and have a beast inside us. What makes different from all other species in the planet is our inner capability to conqueror and suppress that beast inside us. Some of us succeed in doing that , while most of us fail. The tool lyrics goes of my all time fav

Like TV headlines:
"Killed by the husband" ...
"Drowned by the ocean" ...
"Shot by his own son" ...
"She used a poison in his tea,
Then (she) kissed him goodbye"

Just do a search on Google Videos : Zeitgeist , New World Order , Obama Deception and the final shocker of all time --> "Kymatica and the Esoteric Agenda".

Thats it , after that I'm not responsible for whatever happens to your brain :P !!!!!!

:) Thanks ..tkc

Vinnie said...

hehe hahahahahahah hehehe go study:)
catch u next month, sweets!

man, this is infinity much..i guess Kamal Hasan made a movie on the butterfly effect seems to be a very intriguing subject..i will take your suggestion despite your disclaimer coz a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do:):)
take care.......of me!

Karthik said...

//now go study:)
catch u next month, sweets!

Vin wants me to comment in her blog and if I does she drives me out like this!!

Karthik s boycotting Vin's blog like our MP's

Vinnie said...

Karthik..kanna..dont boycott da..just read-comment-shut down pc...its exam time n i dont want my posts to bug you..All the very well, sweets:)

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