Apr 6, 2009

A day at the Pilikula zoo!

Deep in the heart of Mangalore in the southern state of Karnataka lies the Pilikula zoo - Pili for tiger and kula for lake, all because some tigers used to jam together at this cave after a fun-filled session at the nearby lake. Vin was brave enough to go inside this cave, have a tête-à-tête and above all click a snap of the resting tigers who were quite amazed at being photographed in their natural habitat where no mortal human dares to enter. Both mother and cub have obliged to pose for the shutterbugs. Aren't they cute? OK! They aren't real...but had I been there hundreds of years back, I would have shot them live, I swear :)

Last month I had received a mail from Tips4Me.com where a kind and rather knowledgable lady called 'Rachel Fernandes' sent me a mail describing the five largest birds in the world. I faintly remember reading about the Emu and never expected in my wildest dreams to ever be so close to one. Here's a picture I clicked from as close as comfortably possible and the information that Rachel shared with me...

It is one of the largest bird's native to Australia. These soft-feathered, brown, flightless birds reach up to 2 meters (6.6 ft) in height. They can travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and if necessary, can sprint at 50 km/h (31 mph) for some distance at a time.

If the Emu were small, it would not strike a chord, rather it has a stupid looking face and manner, but its sheer size and powerful legs made me wonder whether it has got anything to do with the law of natural selection by Darwin and I guess by all means it has evolved directly from the dinosaur. This one seems to be saying just that to me and adding 'I could smash you to pulp, woman!' But we both knew 'Thank heavens for this wired fence!'

P.S: I so wish I had a powerful camera with zoom et al. Now, I dont have any proof that I played hide-n-seek with Mr. & Mrs. Lion and I hugged this gigantic bear and I went roller skating with the sweet panthers and I was almost tickled to death by cute alligators.
Do visit this zoo if you happen to be in Mangalore since none of the wild animals are in cages or practically malnutritioned as is the usual state in most Indian zoos. And yes, dont forget to take a powerful longrange camera with you!


kanagu said...

awww.. that's great Vinnie.. started off your vacation series.. the photos are nice.. nice to know more about Emu.. :)

tigers are always the beautiful beasts.. I love them.. until they are not at the catching distance :)

Post more on the places you have visited :)

sawan said...

poooo at zooooo :) lol

Lancelot said...


We want u to post poo and sen's pic...


nice pics..
sorry for missing the b'day post

Chronicwriter said...

did you pinch the tiger's butt?


der Bergwind said...

ahh.. belated happie b'day, sorry abt being late.. missed the scribble n i din know, but then there wasnt any way of knowing either!
being with the beasts, nice.. have been around mangalore.. liked the place more for the beachges though. was even involved in a life n death equation way bac in '006 :) seems like from another age now!
to a rocking year and an enlightened Pooh! amen.

peter said...

You went to a zoo :P
how old are u ? 10 ?

waise nice descriptions there ;)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

chota baby zoo dekhne gaya tha !! wow.. popcorn khaya vahan par ? and candy ?

Scattered Thoughts... said...

and yeah.. best comment award goes to hero.. "poooo at zooooo" he is becoming a serious poet these days.. rhymes every where :P

Ragpicker said...

How nostalgic this post was. Its been nearly 4 years now since I went to a zoo.

I remember throwing stones at a sleeping tiger when I was a kid :P ..Thanks for bringing it up again. That was a damn good read. :)

Parikshith Kumar said...

Was that leopard meditating for world peace inside that cave?

And That emu seems to be checking me out and be telling me "Hey handsome, want to come out a date with me? "

Going roller skating with the panthers... oh how I wish you'd have captured that on cam :-)

Good post, Vinnie. I would like to visit the zoo someday, but I am afraid that the zoo-keepers may think I am one of the animals and lock me up in a cage.

Vinnie said...

:) thanks da!
do visit a zoo...its funnn!!
other places r temples n beaches..very boring da

:) sometimes..

OK me is sccccareddddd:)
naa..those r scarier, wilder pics n this blog is PG rated, remember??

thank u..thank u sir!

shucks! thats one thing i missed out..i had a lovely chance, didnt i?

der Bergwind
thanks man! the beaches r quite safe unless one jumps the laws...what did u do back in 2006???

u got it mate...yes, i am 10 :):)
thank u n do visit a zoo..

chota baby?? no yaar, i am 10 now!
sawan is the original poet cum philosopher na :)

:):) do visit again..that tiger might be awaiting u!
thanks man!

Parikshith aka Funny Man
hehhe..u know i was wondering why they put a leopard inside a supposedly 'tiger cave' ! now, u confirmed it for me:) or maybe, pili stands for all types of wild cats...n abt meditation..they could be - they didnt bother with me so close:)
dont worry, next time i'll take a camcorder n an armored suit.

n what makes u think they didnt try to lock me ???i am pooh, remember?

Kartz said...

Whoa, someone's been having a *wild* time. (pun intended)

Honestly, you took me down memory lane. Thanks!

And that emu is taller than me... Pity!

@Chriz - Did you live to tell that tale..? ;)

Peace. Have a nice day.

I was away from blogsville too... And it isn't quite easy to play catch-up with all the missing posts! ;D

Be seeing you...


Vinnie said...

thanks..go n visit a zoo near u!
chriz has a tiger bite mark there :):)
Emu's r tall n huge animals..yes, literally!

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