Jun 20, 2009

A factual fiction!

After she had put down the receiver…

‘Now who was that?’

‘P… who else!’

She gets ready in 5 minutes flat and rushes to the door.

‘Will be back by elevenish…don’t keep dinner for me’.

‘The same old jeans…don’t you have something that flows?’

‘O Maa, I don’t have the time to wear all that….besides he is out at the gate’.

‘Your ears look bare’.

'Maa…I can’t choose...besides what’s the need? I could do without something dazzling or dangling for now.’

‘Instead of arguing with me, go and wear something that doesn’t dazzle or dangle’.

She rushes in…

‘And while you are at it, wear a bracelet or something…’

She shouts back, ‘but I’m wearing my watch!’

‘But you have two hands, no?’

‘I give up Maa…what’s the point?’

‘What point? I like P besides who else can tolerate you?’

‘Huh! S is waiting along with P and I can hear them honking….BYE’.


Hopeless Romantic said...

an everyday life incident...typical Indian household!


kanagu said...

nice one Vinnie :) a picture of our daily life :)

Archana said...

Haha Indian moms and their 'But you have two hands?!". Luckily my mom doesn't harass me too much about over-accessorizing. Though I know one too many households where this happens!

Arv said...

take care da... Moms do that always :)

have a lovely weekend :)


DPhatsez said...

Mama Rocks!

Ashwathy said...

Indian moms and everyday life with their daughters!! :-D too good!

Muhammad Waqas Manzoor said...

pehle poetry aur phir 'S' [us] ki baatein... madam kher to hai..

Nikki said...

LOlz. Somehow my mom is never into dangling or dazzling things! But she would be paranoid if someone was waiting for me at the gate, especially a guy!

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Sabki mom aisi hothi hain kya?

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

sorry ek extra word add karne ko bhool gayi...sabki mom aisi kyun hothi hain? my mom also tells me to wear this and that when i am in a great hurry to board a train or bus

peter said...

P and S both guys ?:-/

P.S: good read :)

Vinnie said...

Hopeless Romantic

thaanku saar! not daily but yeah once in a blue moon when mom is tooo opportunistic :P

hehhehe..u lucky gal! my mom does that for occasions, etc :P

u too Brutus! could exchange danglers with u:P

Vinnie said...

yep..they do!

hehee..thank u!

yehi hain meri life...kabhi kabhar :P

heheee..same here! this P is a friend for the longessssst time ever!

hehhehee....thanks for sharing ur woes :P

P, S & me - 2 guys n a gal...now dont get ideas :P

Amal Bose said...

the name says it all..
typical house hold incident :)

Prasant Naidu. said...

My one complains with my food,my dress, my hairstyle and i think everything. she thinks i should keep on eating otherwise i will go weak. Mom/mother/amma will make God also work...

Keep Rocking,

Aditi..............:) said...

So damn true!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mere paas thode bahut non-danglers bhi hain... Bhejun??? :D

Parikshith Kumar said...

Sometimes makes me thank my lucky stars for being a man:

Men's Guide to getting ready:

Step 1: Wear pant
Step 2: Wear shirt
Step 3 : Accessories: Wrist-watch
Step 4: Add-on accessory (optional) : Spray deo.
Step 5: Add-some-more-on accessory (again optional): Spray deo under both armpits
Step 6: Get out of the house.

But its always angelic to see a beatiful lady all dressed up for you. :-)

Karthik said...

Disabled Name/Url?? :p

You too dont like Gold eh?? ;) PINCH!!

Anonymous said...

No idea whatsoever on that...

but i'm pretty much sure my mom would act entirely different if I try to wear 'something dangling/dazzling' stuffs... :D

Only thing my mom hates is black clothes... I just love black t's...

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

Nice one.
Story of a typical indian household. :P

Sri said...

Wah..nice posting...

Shanu said...

Typical Moms!!

Shanu said...

P.S: Following u :)

Archana said...

I guess I spoke too soon, lol. I have a mehendi ceremony to go to tomorrow and my mom is not okay with the outfit I picked. :P She claims it's too casual, but the girl whose mehendi it is, is planning on keeping it semi-formal. Aaaah it's all good, I know my mom will agree with me once she sees me wear it - I'll just have to compensate by accessorizing I guess. :P

PS - Started a new blog (http://deliciouslysunsational.blogspot.com) Check it out when you get a chance! :)

Vinnie said...

:P u bet it is!

hahhahaha..well said man! they rule the heavens too!


Miss Kido
thaanku thaanku Miss Kido...mere ears mein already 2 piercings hain n they r well provided for!

Vinnie said...

:P funny man in action!
the deo is optional -> yikessssss! :D
thanks for sharing the men's guide here n i hope Salman see's this :)

both offline friends who hate blogging :) not about gold..rather 'over-decked-up looks'

u better stay away from those! thanks for sharing ur mom's views :)

wild child
thanks girl...relieved actually!

Vinnie said...

shukriya Janab!!

aint they? :P ...thanks for following but BEWARE of the 'i-dont-know-what-happened-to-me-after-i-started-following-vinnie The Pooh' symptons!!!

see, she is a mom after all! thanks for sharing this...enjoy the ceremony n do wish ur friend :)

P.S: will surely check ur new blog...am visiting my own after ages!!!

Prasant Naidu. said...

off the track bit, how did u get that prehistoric look(fiction/software magic)

Vinnie said...

ohh that..that was clicked by my dinosaur pal - T Rex off the rocky mountain edges!
isnt the stone camera cool ?

(photoshop mein 'chalk-charcoal filter lagaya) - yeh top secret hain

DPhatsez said...

haha! i wasnt pissed! just a satirical take on how it was during my work life :)

Cheers mate!

Chriz said...

hope my mom said such things to me :)

Prasant Naidu. said...

Thanks for top secret will keep it top secret too. Woahh you have a kewel circuit of pals ;)

K. said...

With my mother, it was Pond's powder that she wouldn't let me leave the house without! LOL...very funny and true to life fiction...

Vinnie said...

hmmm...then thats good!

hehehe...u like to wear jewellery!!

thaanku saar! yep! u bet i do!

hehhee..she would love to have her daughter get second looks, falls, stumbles, etc..thanks for sharing!
welcome here :)

Kartz said...

Heh heh heh, a peek in to daily life (especially when someone's submerged in professional life)... :)

And mums will be mums. ;)

Nice one, buddy...

Peace. Be well.

numerounity said...

Arre mere mein kam bhari hai kya….mazaak nahi karte basanti….lolz…

Karthik said...

Online friends who search for Offline friend who loves to blog!! :P :D Soon you may expect the good news!!

Vinnie said...



asdfg ;lkjh
asdfg ;lkjh

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