Jun 26, 2009

Will the real fat cat pls stand up?

Disclaimer: Dont read this post if you do not have any kind of personality disorder.

Will the real fat cat pls stand up?
Please stand up. Please stand up.

As u crawl thru the cables, the routers and towers
As u creep in thru the network of flyers
U burn much of ur fat-ass, n the gang’s too!
U fat old cat, clearly an imposter, aint u?
So care to stand up for who u r
Who u were n ought to be…
Will the real fat cat pls stand up?

Coz I gather, u have a life as much as I do
Go live it fatty – coz It may end soon
What? Stop staring n shut the fuck up
U r the real fat cat- go on, admit it
So will the real fat cat pls stand up?
Please stand up. Please stand up.

U’ve messed up big time, u’ve lost face, he he
U’ve only begun the realisation, oldfox, aint he?
That sly n shady, rickety old fox
N sometimes the pooh in mask
Who aint got a shot!
So care to raise ur hand at least
Tomorrow u may stand up, a lil shaky beast

Tear off those masks, burn the muti-dimensionalities
Come on, admit it, u wanna break free
Will the real fat cat pls stand up?
Please stand up. Please stand up.

P.S: Dedicated to me and my million n counting readers, who wanna break free from self-illusions and identities!


Aditi..............:) said...

Me First!!!! :)
You always make me smile Vinnie darling...thanks so much! :)

peter said...

WOW :)
EMINEM, reading ??

Instead of doin like 'real slim shady' way u cud have done it like 'The way i am' way :)

but then u din steal the lines or the pattern so it's COOL (with the Caps lock on)

Ragpicker said...


ZiLliOnBiG said...

I wasnt having personality disorder yet i read it, and now i think and feel that i have one...grrrrr.

Nice one:)))))

Nikki said...

Interesting! Must say, you have some talent!

ItAteMyBrain said...

//U’ve messed up big time, u’ve lost face, he he
U’ve only begun the realisation, oldfox, aint he?
That sly n shady, rickety old fox
N sometimes the pooh in mask
Who aint got a shot!

these lines were good
Nice song

U the new lady Eminem :P ???

numerounity said...

I say- Meow meow.....



Ashwathy said...

LOL nice one... a li'l psychotic... but good creativity :D

Arv said...

and this shows that someone is good at a rap too... :)

well done da... take care... cheers...

Amal Bose said...

cool one..
really enjoyed it :-)
good work
keep blogging

DPhatsez said...

Ey yo Vinnie ma gurl!
Phat Rhymes!

People in da house, give it up for ma main gurl, V-I-N-N-I-E!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T! \m/

Vinnie said...

the winner gets it all...heres ur chaaklate >O< >O< >O< :)
u too have personality disorder, eh?

Eminem..who??? !! thank u saar...vaise, yeh dimaag ka dahi tha..ek tarah ka disorder..jaise Eminem ko bhi hain:)
btw, meet Vinninem..n say 'hi vinnienem' 10 times :)

oye!! yeh muskurahat ke peeche kya hain?? :) aint we all 'made up of same mitthi' ? :D

hehhehe...thats exactly why i put the disclaimer! neways, koi nahi...a 'disorder' is a must in life!
thanks for the visit..u r most welcome to this mad mad world:)

thank u..thank u..now that makes 'our' day..i mean all my identities :)

Vinnie said...

:( the other lines werent good ?? :( :(
hehhehe..thanks yaar..this is Vinnienem!

u too Brutus!
yeh disorder mujhse le le Thakur :P

:( it was meant to be completely pschyo...thanks but i will try do better next time!

n that someone doesnt know who wrote all this? :D
u should read this for a a 'clearer' feedback - http://vinsthepooh.blogspot.com/2009/03/common-mans-rap-song.html

:P glad u too have the disorder! thanks man..i need all the support!

yo..Phat does rhyme! :Y
thanks da!

Archana said...

Oh hey Eminem. :P

You should pitch these lyrics past him, who knows, he might just come up with a kick ass video of a fat cat. ;)

Prasant Naidu. said...

Tear off those masks, burn the muti-dimensionalities.
so true even though people love to be behind the mask. reminds me the movie 'The Dark Night' and the Joker in it.

Keep rocking(oh yes please let me know when r u sending the wooden horse chair ;)

Kartz said...

Purrrr-meaaow... ;D

Now what was that all about? :)


d gypsy! said...

i liked it

sounds better than the Eminem version... :)

Suyog said...

i didnt read this coz i dont have any kinda personality disorder :P

i m jst commenting to inform u that i am finally back as my exams are over forever :D

kanagu said...

nice one Vinnie..

I enjoyed it :) its really good :)

Anonymous said...

That was niiiiiice :)

Have a great weekend :)

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Interesting, very interesting.
Enjoyed reading your blog,

der Bergwind said...

who am i.. mirror, mirror on the wall.. whoz the 'real shady' of 'em all :) u really think off weird things to write about. but ya... there are times when its just another 'life' less ordinary...

sm said...

cool one

Karthik said...

To Prove: "A dumb cat always falls while walking"

Proof : We have,

"The cat is dumb"

Therefore the cat cannot mew.


where μ= coefficient of friction

since there is no friction, the cat cannot walk

Therefore it falls.

Hence proved.

Karthik said...

You are expected to drop in my blog for a special post!! :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hmm.. nice!!

Vinnie said...

hope it happens!

hehehhe! dark knight..joker..thanks for sharing ur thoughts..helps me do some research on my level of madness..really!! have stopped rocking now :P


d gypsy

good boy!! n now u r a free man...

thaaanku saar!

Miss Kido
thanks! :P

Vinnie said...

Vivek Patwardhan
my pleasure sir!! thanks n u r most welcome :)

der Bergwind
:) 'think' is too graphic..i am wierd.
hope ur well n ur IQ is floating above 200!!


hmmmmm.... ok....:)

'nice' n u?? pls !

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