Oct 17, 2008

Another encounter ...

The only constant in my life these days are the ‘encounters’ I’m having. Though infrequent, they happen nonetheless. And the sad thing is that, I have no control whatsoever! All hell breaks loose, once the horoscope results are positive. A date would be fixed for the ‘encounter’’. Not any date but a ‘good’ date based on "auspicious-ness" of the date.

In an ideal world, I should be delighted with this ‘encounter’; our horoscope match was a record 32.5 points ! Surely, the heavens had scripted our union, only this union would bring the much required marital bliss and whatnot… But, even the heavens weren’t aware, even the heavens didn’t know what I was to know on that late Sunday evening.

This guy was at the meeting place earlier than the schedule and immediately called me to say "yey !! me first me first" not in the same words though but it meant the same whatsoever. I reached at sharp 7, one look at him and I was sure the heavens have committed a grave crime; what were they thinking? For starters, he had blood shot eyes, enough to scare the angelic, innocent eyes I had! Fear crept in; somehow I knew the evening wouldn’t be a pleasant one. Let us give him a name. Let’s say 'Mr. Red eyes'! So, this Mr. Red eyes does the 'man thing', he leads me to an eatery and after much jostling and compromising, we get a shared seat! Yes, the AC room was there; nearly empty, so cool, so inviting but Mr. Red eyes had other plans.

The mental questionnaire was shot at me rhythmically and systematically irrespective of whether I had finished answering the previous one or not, but who's listening anyways! My answers would test our compatibility, just to confirm with the 32.5 the heavens had fixed. Quite pleased with the first two lines of any answer, he would shoot the next question at once. Time Management. I say!

The last thing I remember is getting a seat near the kitchen, me sweating like a pig and answering queries about horoscope, love and expectations.. Coming to expectations, when Mr. Red eyes realized that my mouth was all dry and thirsty, he called for the waiter. I thought 'OK, he's human after all!" I asked for a chilled sprite, which fortunately wasn’t available, so I wondered what else would quench me, but before that Mr. Red eyes ordered for 2 hot coffees. Hmmm, expectations sure got fulfilled!

The next thing I remember is coming back to my smarts. All the while he talked about himself in a strange manner, something superior reeked out of him. I knew one thing for sure. I will repay him somehow and with interest. After listening keenly, I realized that he was proud by virtue of being born as 'Brahmin'. The devil in me awakened at once. I knew how to repay!

I told him all kinds of stories about Brahmins and how stupid they can really get sometimes. he he he... that set him up, all fire'n'smoke in the cockpit (pun intended). All you people do is eat smelly fish and other creatures, you have never learnt, analyzed or documented any holy scripture; nor will you be able to do so with your brick-heads. We come directly from the Aryan race, Tamil (his language) was developed from Sanskrit and is the mother of all Dravidian languages and so on and so forth...(By the way, aren't the Aryans and Dravidians two separate races?)

Anyways, who cared? Triumphant as I was at that time, I realized his chattering about himself ceased and he began to look at me with curiosity. I'm sure he was wondering how can the heavens choose a lowly Dravidian woman with a Big Mouth for a princely Aryan man who is god's gift to any woman!

Well, after that I had the time of my life. I said the coffee was really good, the ambience was just amazing and how grateful I was that we met here and so on and so forth...He was glaring all the time!

So that was it. Another of these encounters over! I wonder how many marks did I score in the questionnaire after all that gyaan on the races! Mr. Red eyes didn’t call back. Thank Heavens for that!


Johnny said...

Encounter... :)

I too had a few encounter's where it initially start as a meeting but then it gets turned too

Encounter of the Third Kind.. :)

Anyway good one..Hope u don't have too many such encounter's :)

megz said...

hehehehe!! i swear, aryans and dravidians are two diff races :p he surely might be thinking which one he belongs to :p it reminds me of my 'encounters' where the guy was from the us of a and was just toking abt the gudness of us. a fight i started continued for a couple of hours and rest of my cuzins did not know why we were fighting....its funnn sometimes sweeety :p specially if we know how to repay :p and we gurls are surely gud at it!!!! hhehehehhe

madsnow said...

LOL that was soooo funny u are
really good at humour :)

megz said...

also, you have got cool antiquated luk for your blog :)

sawan said...

vins.. u tooo :-) i am so happy, every one of my friends is going through the torture <-wicked smile-> m sure Mr.Red eyes lost faith in astrology now.. By the way whats up with points? Thats something new to me! We check something called "poruthams" which is on a scale of 10..

interesting read :-)

and heyy congraatz that u r in the play.. and all the best for the next ENCOUNTER hehe..

Vin said...

@Johnny: i am prepared for these encounters by now, its really fun!
am looking forward to more of such ones..it kept me at my wits end :)

@Megz: hehhehee.. real funtime na, especially the payback times !!!

Vin said...

@madsnow !
Thanks so much :) u r welcome here..with every such encounter, the humor labeled posts will only keep on growing!!

thanks gal...u 2 could get one na, the site given in footer has some amazing templates

Vin said...

hey savan, thanks a lot yaar!
btw, the torture has become 'fun' now, poor Mr. Red eyes :)
the 32.5 points is out of 36, a system called ashtkoot, where koot represents 8 areas of life n each koot has different points altogether summing up to 36
i am certainly looking forward to these 'encounters', thanks for ur wishes..u greedy for more humor!
i had quite a few such 'encounters' before i started blogging :) :)

sawan said...

vins, ever imagined Mr.Red Eyes reading this blog? I wanna see his expressions as he read it ;-)

about the numbers and point - i din understand a word ! :-)

i wish u have an encounter everyday hehehehehe it would be treat for us :-)

Scrawler said...

This post reminds" me of my encounter with a hypocrite!

Best Of Luck for the coming"encounters' :P

Fr Jerry said...

The pun in the word 'encounter' is strongly put through.:) It is debatable than in many families, parents or relatives want to 'fix' their children up with someone else! Guess the counter move should come from people like you, who in subtle and strong ways should speak your mind. Good post.

Vin said...

sawan, if Mr. Red eyes reads this..i'm sure my eyes will be red soon ! thanks again for ur wishes

Scrawler, thanks for ur wishes too:)

thanks Fr, we kids have a strong mind nowadays, but sometimes have to give in for the sake of parents...i just keep praying to GOD that my 'fixed' partner is supportive n lets me pursue my dreams :)

Scrawler said...

Vin...did u read my latest post?

The Avenger !!! said...

kya re flirtuu :)) kiss kisko daara rahi hai huh??? and tho kya if he has blood shot eyes, aare tujhe milne ke daar se he must not have slept and had a few drinks ya !!! :))

beechara , walked away with a bruised ego :)

Vin said...

@Scrawler: thanks so much for that!!! I'm honored indeed

@the avenger: woh bechaara..ok ok..btw, main usse flirt karne nahi gayi thi..check karne gayi thi, agar uske saath flirt kar sakthi hun kya in future ??

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