Oct 30, 2008

Real victims of war

Twilight sets in across the fields;
sweet are the smells of the daffodils
The skies, cast in a reddish hue,
beckon the little soul, albeit somewhat close

The little boy runs off to play;
steps on a mine, a device to kill and decay
His mother awaits with steaming rice
Her little angel would be home in a trice!

Little did she know, her angel would be no more
But as she sees the damage done
She screams out to the heavens above
Why do you spread the message of love?
O Why do you spread the message of love?

Clutching the corpse to her bosom,
And a knife deep inside her heart
In vain, she breathes unto him
this life, that she now longs to depart

She runs across the fields; she runs helter-skelter
What for is this war? Who will give me an answer?
But, no soul heeds to her cries, alas, no soul heeds to her cries..
Just then the heavens speak, "your child is safe in our arms,
protected from mankind, may you learn the lesson of love
pray, do not question the messages from above".

This is about the innocent victims of landmines, where most survivors are maimed for life. I couldn't bring myself to put up a picture as its too repulsive. This poem is in response to 3WW


Rajesh said...

I asked for a Novel..

I asked for a Novel..

But you gave a poem which i could send for a NOBEL (price)!!!!!!!

Johnny said...

Hats off Vin..

Pls pen a book of poems for me and novel for Rajesh to publish. I'm confident of making a fortune :) :)

Anonymous said...

no damage done,
corpse is just a shell,
love cannot be knifed,
humanity still exists !!!!!

preeti said...

loved the second and last stanza' rocking :)
a sugesstion:
Clutching the corpse to her bosom
replace the word corpse with something more subtle. I feel it will convey the despair and feelings more and reality will slap hard on the face. cheers :)

ThomG said...

You've done an excellent job with the anguish of these senseless deaths. I'm so glad you've decided to make 3WW a weekly stop. You are very talented and a voice that we all need in this world.

(And I really like your template. What is is and where did you get it?)

sawan said...

vins, u prove to be a genius day by day! Beautifully expressed!

~willow~ said...

very poignant. well done!

tumblewords said...

Profound and poignant, this piece screams for wide reading...great job!

Vin said...

Rajesh $ Johnny: Thanks buddies..u guys r great support as usual

Anonynous: May i know my wellwisher plssss ?
ah, yes, humanity does exist but we can prevent rather than cure by the very power of humanity!
the UN provides help for war-related injuries while we nations provide help for war, why ?

Vin said...

hey preeti,
thanks gal n will keep ur suggestion in mind, since i cant change it now..
Three word wednesday (3WW) prompts with 3 words every wednesday; u could weave anything around them!!
this week's words were corpse, damage n knife :):)
hey, why dont u too give it a shot?

Vin said...

Thanks a million, Thomg!!
u made my day:) :) yey!!

my template is from infocreek.com n its called 'Aspire' (very apt na?) u can download the xml from from "http://www.eblogtemplates.com/aspire-blogger/"

Vin said...

Sawan saar, glad to c u back in form :)
thanks so much!!
am surprised myself/am surprising myself every moment nowadays..God alone knows how !! hehehhee

Hope HE graces me like this forever.

Vin said...

@willow..thank u so much for dropping by n thanks for ur kind words

Vin said...

tumblewords, thank u, thank u..wide-reading ? wow, that would be such an honor, i'm imagining this poem being read at the UN congregation for World Peace !!

Scrawler said...

Lil poetess has grown to 'matured poetess'!

Scrawler said...

Your Thoughts are Flying high
Your thoughts are flushed with guests
You host us with love and warmth
Your space looks gorgeous
with applaud
All that i wish to say .....
My lil poetess has become tall

gautami tripathy said...

Keep writing...

Speak out

Kill Word Verification

Fr Jerry said...

Nicely expressed. You are exploring the mother-child relationship with great success.

The disagreement I have is with the way the poem ends. It's not the void, or death and neither is it the grief which is a problem. It's the part where we are told not to question the messages from above. The point is not the questions we pose to the one above but the questions we should pose to one another. What is war, violence, hatred and taking of life? It is our inability to handle life in all it's wholeness!

Vin said...

Thanks a million, scrawler..i still have a long long way to go :):)

Gautami, thanks for visiting..n yes, i did kill word verification..never recvd spam..but would delete it when i do..thanks for pointing that out!

Vin said...

Fr, ur perfectly right; v ought to ask ourselves rather than HIM. thats what i tried to depict.. the mother questions GOD, HE tells her not to question HIM, rather save mankind..spread the message of love !!
i havent brought out that message clearly, but that was what was in my mind.
i believe world peace will become reality one day; each individual soul has TO BELIEVE in ONE WORLD, thereby raising the collective consciousness of mankind.

Senorita said...

History repeats itself girl...this is the story of every mother who lost her child over the centuries...war is as meaningless now it was centuries ago...in the olden days it was stones, sticks, bow and arrow, spears etc that caused sorrow ... now it is land mines, Kalashnikovs, AK-47, etc...have you ever thought about it...on both sides innocent people lose their lives...it is not about war... it is all about recklessness... do you think the hand that planted the land mine is any less guiltier than the one that drove a car or chariot( as in the olden days) that trampled on a child...even Asoka became Asoka the great after massacaring thousands and at last realising the futility of it all...the day man controls his recklessness he becomes one with the Supreme being!

Vin said...

so true, Senorita :)
Asoka realised his folly, but we didnt..

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