May 10, 2009

Mum !!!

‘And where exactly do you think you are going?’

‘My evening walk?’

‘But, where are you heading? How long will you keep drifting? I’m getting older by the second’.

‘O maa! Not now…I don’t know whats written, do I?.... I’ll be back in an hour’.

‘Huh! But you chose to drift, didn’t you? You quit to find new paths!.....You knew what was written then? You just knew you were in a stalemate, didn’t you?’

‘NO, I didn’t know!…nor did I have any illusions…I just followed my heart’.

‘Huh! You don’t have the luxury, girl…Dreams are better at bedtime. Don’t chase an illusion. You will only fall flat with a void too tough to handle alone’.

‘Maa, I don’t know about my dreams or what I am in for. And the recession isn't helping either! The thing I’m sure about is, that, I came back for you….Bye..will be back in an hour…keep the dough ready'.


Kartz said...

Ah... So you did manage to come up with something. :)

Mums are tailor-made to fret and worry. *sigh*

That's what makes them all the more endearing. :)


d gypsy! said...


as always ... beautiful and caring

Amal Bose said...

i guess worrying for her child is part of life for every mother.. this love is what makes her the greatest :-)

Vinnie said...

hehehhee...n when they dont worry, we miss that, dont we?

d gypsy
mommy said not to follow a gypsy:)
happy mothers day yaar!

:) u said it man!
moms should worry a little bit for themselves too...plssssss mom:-)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hmmm.. the label is incorrect.. we know that.. don't we? :) give her a hug and tell that every thing will be alright.. just keep the faith and trust in her child intact..

I know we are not good with it but give it a try.. :)

peter said...

happy mother's day to everyonezz mom ...I jus had a talk wid my mom ..and she was more excited than me.. LOL :D

Your post was unique ..and so are all the MOMS :D

Nikki said...

This is very different. I am going to celebrate a belated mothers day tomorrow with my mum. Happy mothers day to your mum!

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Mums isnt it?

is it a complete fiction?

sawan said...

lol at kartz' comment :)happy mother's day to ur mom :)

and the template is lookin good :) simple and sweet :)

CM-Chap said...

Its the mum's way of showing love & care isn't it... Only thng is we need to understand its their way of affection ntg else.

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

Thats just another way showing her love to you.:-)
Mom balances so many roles and yet she does so with a SMILE.
My mum is the best thing ever happend to me. Always there to love, care and support.

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

.. And so is everyone's mum. :-)

Arv said...

oh i hear that once a week :P

but moms are adorable always :)

take care da... cheers...

Vinnie said...

the label is is a work of fiction..i call my mom 'ammaa' :)

vaise thanks for ur suggestion but her love n concern keeps taking over all the time!!

hehhehe..Mom's r funny! Wish ur mom too:)

thanks yaar...well, thats me n my mom..always worried!
wish ur mom too..

Vinnie said...

Rushabh Kartz says..they r tailor made to worry!
it is a complete work of fiction:):) at least thats how i look at it!
thanks for visiting me:)

:) thanks man! wish ur mom too:)

hope the black n white contrast does not create 'deafness' in the eyes...thanks for ur feedback!

Vinnie said...

yep! wish ur mom too:)

Wild child
well said, child..well said...all she does is worry for me:)
my wishes to ur mom:)

hehhehe...imagine what would happen if they stop...i for one start missing that!!
my wishes to ur mom:)

Chronicwriter said...

maa tuje salaam

Chronicwriter said...


Scattered Thoughts... said...

you want me to believe that??

Chronicwriter said...

btw did this really happen?


Scattered Thoughts... said...

you want me to believe that??

kanagu said...

Nice one Vinnie... moms are always great... caring about their kid, whatever maybe the situation they are in :)

Anonymous said...

Moms are simply the best...

B/w Fiction ki non-fiction???

Vinnie said...

OK OK..i've changed the label, happy??
n y r u echoing here??

yep! maa tujhe salaam:) did!
u 2 echoing here??

:) but y r they like that?? pls wish ur mom da...

label changed...i'm sure i have loads to express with this new label.. watch this space:)

Velu said...

Nice fiction as always vinnie. The deep significance of walk as life and a mothers worry for the child was put very neatly. Unless I read more into it then was required. :)

BTW, I wrote something about mothers as well. But I know you'll be there shortly. :)


Vinnie said...

Thank u Captain...i'm so glad u noticed:)
the child is me n i have metaphored n fictionalised a wishes to ur mom:)

Peter n Sawan
i have changed the color n font style for the posts..hope it is clear now? :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hmm.. sorry!

Anonymous said...

Moms are too cute, they'll worry no matter what!!!

der Bergwind said...

we had gone for dinner @ mainland china 'n there was this mothers' day card with some 'hungry hippo' offer - these darn folks try to sell food thru' mothers' day senti!! n u talk of recession :) life, u know, is ironic to its chromosome, what we make of it... business, the vision!

i aint quite these mamma day, pappa day kinda lad 'n so mom gave me a u-know-what-forget-it look, (both of us had seen that card n looked at each other) i managed a silly grin n she said.. "i know, remembering 14th feb itself takes lot of GB from ur head-disk!!" :)

but ya... what wud be life if these cares n concerns aint there... dough wud lose its taste :)
nice one!! n thanks for the 55-round-of applause :)

Aditi..............:) said...

Its fiction or real???
anyways its beautiful!! :)

Lancelot said...

say happy mother's day to amma...(I read the post..and i know this is something private and shud not be commented)

Vinnie said...

:) forgiven!

:) u bet they r!

der Bergwind
:) men dont remmeber their own birthdays ! the food is yummmmy at mainland's na?
:) dough indeed gets tasty with moms around us...reading ur 55 was a pleasure...zor ka jhatka dheere se lage!

Vinnie said...

thanks u! its real :) i have also changed the label now:)

sweetie!! wish ur mom too n i must say...u have come a long way, buddy!!!

preeti said...

loved it. different dedication to mommie :) hugs to her :)

der Bergwind said...

@ vinnie

men don remember their b'days? neuuu.. these apple-falling-celebration-calls... i dont remember, pappa day, mamma day, must be more naa? ya, b'days i do :) n my mum's on the 15th of august.. so even one less effort to give!!!!
n dont generalize the men clan.. id have adams beat up my u-know-what.. ya, food at ML China is yum, but none could fertilize my brain gud enuf... sigh.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

ekdum sainty sorry senti tha...a hatke dedication for mummy log :)

Unknown!!! said...

so that was a Mother's day special post :) nice..
"kuputro jayeta kvacidapi kumata na bhavati" -- In this world a bad child may be born,but never a bad mother

Anonymous said...

Got it :)

Vinnie said...

thanks! n hugs back 2 u..

der Bergwind
if not for the woman in his life, a man will forget his birthday!
anyways, u dont get hurt coz of this...

sahi mein! my wishes to ur mom:)

:)thanks!!..yeah, i am a bad girl..vaise, was that Telugu ?

Vinnie said...

up so late?? kiddos should be fast asleep now...Good night, sleep tight n dont let the bed bugs bite:)

Pavitra .... said...

hey....I loved it..!!
A mother's day special ha.....
very well written... :)

Unknown!!! said...

vinnie that's Sanskrit :).. I dint mean u were bad...even if u r now..someday..u'll become good by that statement :D

ApocalypsE said...

I don’t know about my dreams or what I am in for... The thing I’m sure about is, that, I came back for you...

Damn good lines...

Belated mothers day wishes to your mom...

Vinnie said...

:) thanksss! ur welcome n thanks for visiting!

:) hope it comes soon..then every day my mom will celebrate mother's day!

oh yeah! thanks:)
my wishes to ur mom too:)

Prasant Naidu. said...

A mother can never think his son/daughter has grown up. For me she is GOD.
Nice one as always from ur Grey cells.

Keep Rocking,

Vinnie said...

thanks! moms r sweeties:)

Karthik youngistan said...

Belated Mother day wishes

Vinnie said...

thanks K..wish ur mom too:)

Ragpicker said...

nice one indeed. Everyone has said pretty much everything so I cant actually add something new to it. But I enjoyed this post as I ironically I have never witnessed a mom dad talk ever of any kind .... thanks for sharing ...!!!

Vinnie said...

sweetie!! in that case keep watching this space, i will try n put some 'twisted talks' too!

u take care...u have a friend in me:)

P.S: i want u to write some happy poems on sunshine, butterflies, rivers, flowers...u get the feel, right? n start NOW ....

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