May 3, 2009


Honey, isn’t my nose big?
No sweetheart, your face is small.

…..after 10 years
Honey, am I looking fat?
No sweetheart, these pants are the wrong size.

….after 20 years
Honey, am I drooping?
No sweetheart, even gravity loves you so.

....after 30 years in holy matrimony
Honey, do you believe that ‘Love is Blind’?


Arv said...

ROTFL... he hee..

kewl :)

Amal Bose said...

it certainly is..
when you love someone dearly nothing comes in between. its not the physical being that matters its something bigger n more beautiful than that. :-)

Vinz aka Vinu said...


tht was a nice one...
short but with essence...


Velu said...

Ah I see you are becoming a dedicated 55 worker!



Suyog said...

oye sahi re :)

from where u get such thoughts ??

lols !!!!!!!! :D :D

muthu said...

that was good vinnie....

to the point and hard hitting..

loved it.. :)

Nikki said...

Cute. :)

Durga said...

Short&Sweet!Loved it :-)

Prasant Naidu. said...

nice and interesting.

Keep Rocking,

Scattered Thoughts... said...

was this pooh exchanging the dialogs with his wife?

sm said...

excellent like it

Kartz said...

**even gravity loves you

Ah... Love *is* Blind. Ask the wind. He will tell. ;)

Peace. Have a nice day.

sawan said...

lol, omg, wer do you get all these ideas from?? :P impressive!!!

Ragpicker said...

Nice one ! Sometime I think Love is not blind ! It just chooses what to see and what NOT to see.

Thanks again :)

Karthik said...

Where is the answer for the last one???

Lancelot said...

Of course love is blind else how the hell I will be dating her... :P

Vinnie said...

:) i guess u could relate to this one??

true..bigger n beautiful than that:-)

hey...thanks so much..btw, i'm Vins aka Pooh..pyaar se log mujhe Vinnie ya Vinu bhi kehthe hain!

this is called 55 fiction...fiction inside 55 words with some rules:)

Vinnie said...

hehhee..u bet i am Captain!

thanks yaar..thoughts come after a few injections:-)

:) isnt that woman lucky? thanks, u approved it again!

Vinnie said...

:) u bet !

:) realistic na?? thanks yaar:)

thanks..n thanks for the visit:)

u r free to interpret ur way:)
accha laga kya?? kabhi tho kuch 'praise-vase' maaro yaar:)

Vinnie said...

thanks! ur welcome here:)

:) love is deaf n dumb too!

injection le lo:) btw, where is ur 55 fiction??

:) same thing, we mortals call that thing..blindness!
vaise, aapka injection wala idea kaam aya idhar ..hehhehee!

Vinnie said...

now check..happy???
u r tagged now for 55 fiction!
every day one fiction from u

hhehehehee....u inspired me to write this!

Aditi..............:) said...

That was so sweet!!! :)

Love the way you rock babe!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! :D

Very nice! I MUST get my guy to read this! :P

Unknown!!! said...

hahahaha.. am laughing out loud!.. hatsoff... this one is too funny.. loved it :).. now pls tell me...wats the secret.... do u take some steroids before writing :D..

Simply Sur said...

:) Good one Vinnie..
I think sumtimes t s gud to have sumone do that but most of the times we want the truth... be t bitter ;)

Vinz aka Vinu said...


Nice to meet u Vinnie aka vins aka vinu..!!


Inder said...

may be. 'love' does not have 'i'.
or, my the the problem is with the 'honey'. he/she is too sweet :D

Vinnie said...

:) thanks girl!

hehehe..thank u n thanks for the visit..n dont tell ur guy where i stay...:)

hehhe..thanks yaar! kuch tho hain syringe mein ..kya patha..ek injection khaafi hain

Vinnie said...

Simply Sur
really? i'd rather my partner never tell me the Truth...kya hoga sacchaiyi jaan kar?
he loves me..big nose et al..balle balle shaava shaava!

:) the feeling is mutual!

aah..the essence of love:)

sawan said...

not skilled enuf to try :)

Vinnie said...

stop giving excuses saar...we all know abt ur come up with ur fiction story fast..

Little Girl Lost said...

hello vinnie... that was so sweet!
and what a lovely blog you have!
first time here... loved it very much!

Nikholic said...

Fiction 55,

just 55 yet so eventful

Series of 55 happening i suppose.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

taaliyaan taaliyaan...too good! awesome! u would be the best seller of 55 fiction i tell you

Vinnie said...

little girl lost
glad u lost ur way here!
thank u..Love is sweet na:)
Welcome here! blog ka kya hain...its just another blog!

why dont u give it a shot too?
Love is quite eventful..u know it better:-)

chal..ithna bhi chada math!
u r yet to do ur fiction 55..dont keep me waiting ---

peter said...

I am sure this is love :)
This love is blind and funny ..It's Blunny :P

Sri said...

Fanastic..u becoming an expert in 55fiction...gr8!Will try in my blog soon...

Chronicwriter said...

time for you to get married vinnie


Nikki said...

When you updating?

Anonymous said...

LoL :D that sure was nice :)

Vinnie said...

yeh 'Blunny' bada pyaara laga...just for 'blunny' , i would live! Jai Blunny Love!

thank u! do try it..

i have already said 'yes' to u, Chriz...what r u waiting for??

updating kya? shaadi ka no updates, no guy is ready to marry vin:(
(just realised i should speak less or not at all during the relationship for it to end in marriage!)

:) thanks Kido!
u r most welcome..Pooh loves kidos!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

bohat he achha hai.. bohat bohat achha!!! ab khush???

vaise new theme looks cool!! black is smart! black is sexy! black is cool! blah blah blah!! oh I mean black black black :))

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

I loved this post.
Keep up the good job!

Thanks a ton for visiting my blog.

ApocalypsE said...

I recall lines from Bon Jovi's song...
baby blind love is true...

Velu said...

Oye! did you change theme? this looks classy. But glad to see that Phoo and friends remain. :)


Vinnie said...

Pooh kush hua :), first time mere template par..looks like Pooh is getting bolder:) thank god u liked it...varna reverse modify!

Wild Child
thanks yaar..u agreed with me at Nikholic's so i owed u one:)
ur blog has great content,mine is just color..what else u expect from Pooh?? !!

Welcome back !! :)

yep! Pooh n gang will always remain...thanks:)

kanagu said...

ha... ha... ha... LOL Vinnie... :) superb 55er... first time I am reading it in fun...

Vinnie said...

welcome back da...thanks:)
y dont u try some fiction ..maybe between some tamil politicians??

der Bergwind said...

another 55 word 'punch' n now on "luuuvvee" actually! its ironic that subject of 'love' can be capsuled in 55 words!! its one helluva lesson - really :)

heyy nice one there... now i have inspiration enuf to write mine!!! it is love actually... (pun intended!)

kanagu said...

sure Vinnie.. I will try... but after wednesday only... today I am off to another trip :)

Sandeep said...


Is it real or a fictitious one...

If it is The Guy "Honey" is really a good example of coalition government...

Nice collection!!!


Vinnie said...

der Bergwind
thanks! eagerly waiting for ur love actually, pun n all:)

great..enjoy man!

coalition govt?? !!
thanks for that 'hatke' viewpoint..n thanks for the visit:)

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

I love you blog.

Vinnie said...

Dear Wild child,

I also love you, child. dont worry..i'm always there..come n read me anytime:)

loads of love

I am Alive said...

Nice random thoughts...
I wonder why you tagged it with Venus Vs Mars... Seems Mr. Venus has finished the book & then only wrote this poem :)
I like your blog

Vinnie said...

I am alive
well, they say men r from mars n women from venus..i have labled quite a few posts as Mars vs venus wherever it was about men n women..

thanks for visiting n liking my blog..hope u r still Alive!!

c u at urs soon...

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