Nov 28, 2008


of what is and what isn't?
this i shall not ask,
of who did and who didn't
this too i shan't ask

they sweared on oath
they loved her most
and when she beckons-
would protect her post

she lay there still
betrayed and torn-
no voice to bring
alas, of her own!

while under siege
she held on hope,
the humbuggers all,
"look, who bears the oath!"


Senorita said...

@ Vin...Why point the finger at the inept is us who voted for them and again us who abstained from voting who are responsible for them being where they are...making a ridiculous song and dance and uttery mockery of democracy!!!

A thought just occured to me...this situation we are facing in Mumbai today, has been a regular occurance in Kashmir and the ULFA & Naxalite infested areas, It has been for a long time...but it took an attack on Mumbai to get the acerbic tongues wagging about lack of security. Mumbai or Chandrapur or Kashmir... each is a part of India and citizens everywhere deserve the same level of security.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

vin - wow.. you too.. scrawler got a competition :) but yeah, jokes apart, the words are so true.. alas we can't do any thing, just spit out our frustration and depression here.. I wish it could make a difference...

sen - you said in your post, we don't vote coz we think what is the use of choosing between two crooks.. but isn't it actually true? what is the use? I am seriously loosing confidence in so called democracy.. if this is democracy then do we really need it?

Fr Jerry said...

I wish we can see something sensible coming out at the end of all of this. Otherwise, all these lost lives will come to nothing. I believe that terror is not just about terrorists holding a city to ransom. Terror is every act of violence in this country and it is time we stopped it.

It is not just about voting and letting our voice be heard. It is opposing every fundamentalist and crazy idea that harms all kind of life. This maybe through blogs, letters, conversations, speeches, sermons and rallies. Whatever the mode used, the young people in this country have to renounce violence of all kind and embrace peace in our families, communities, work places and public places.

Vin said...

Sen, just as amongst us there r voters and non-voters, out there r politicians and 'non-politicians' too. Democracy is a better form of rule our country has adapted. i have Faith in Democracy, but power does corrupt some.

all I wanted was to see our beloved Sir Vilasrao Deshmukh, honorable chief minister of Maharastra - come in the line of fire in keeping with his oath...i wanted to see him beside Hemant Karkare n gang...Where the eff was he???

Yes, it takes a Mumbai Massacre for Voices to be Heard n now it lies upon us to take action so that the lost lives will serve a noble purpose.

right from the 93 blasts, these 'humbuggers' have made grand plans..if one looks closely, it will coincide with coming elections..

this poem was a little voice, pls join me in waking up their 'sleeping conscience', in reminding them of their oaths, in helping them fulfil their purpose.

Vin said...

Scattered thoughts, hahaa..i'm noway competition for Scrawler..if u see the comments in my earlier poems, check out for scrawler's - she has confered the title of little poetess to me!! Also, our philosopher friend has awarded me the same..check my blog towards the end :)

Dont despair, ST - Mumbai is an usual target so this will continue. We cannot allow them to break our spirits. we do need Democracy, they do a few things right!! now is the time to be united and fight them to protect our country.

See how our ATS chief just went in himself n didnt hide behind his men. These r the men that maketh the strife worth it. Long Live such martyrs in our hearts...

Vin said...

Fr Jerry, right otherwise its all for nothing! Only route they found weak now was the sea, so what the heck? we will reinforce stronger sea surveillance. We will fight back.

Evil vs Good has been the norm. For a Permanent solution, since evil can be destroyed only with goodness. How does a mere mortal do that?? Sen is absolutely right when she says that we need a Hero like Krishna now - to lead us into the light.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

vin - completely agree on ATS.. they showed the real spirit to do some thing for the country..

Senorita said...

@Vin... I stand corrected!!!

Vin said...

ST & Sen: really disturbing times...time to not despair though, so chin up n join forces!!
No death should be a wasted one.

lets convert our anger into a positive catalyst..let it not die as usual...Help keep this alive

sawan said...

ive got no comments vins.. my mind is still blank :-(

Vin said...

Sawan saar, the terrorists want exactly TERRORISE beat them..dont be terrorised...get up n keep moving...heres my hand for u...our bright philosopher:)

sawan said...

i am not terrorized sweets.. i am just sad.. terribly sad :-(

Vin said...

sawan saar, good to c u out of grief and using it as a catalyst for positive reform..way to go!

kiran said...

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Vin said...

Kiran, hope this isnt spam...ur link doesnt work:(

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