Nov 10, 2008

Love, pain and other catalysts!

I often wonder as to what is the secret formula for an average Joe / Jane to turn into a ‘somebody’? (and now even more after the huge, emotional marathon of comments on my theory!!) How and when do they find that formula? Is it the urge germinating after years of being tagged as ‘average’? Is it a ‘natural trait’- like something which is inherited, like something which tells them ‘You have loads to give the world, so go on, get it out, what are you waiting for”? Or, is it some kind of inner transformation they go through, at a sub-conscious level, in the process of combating a broken heart, a broken dream, loss of a loved one or the general injustice/ imbalance prevailing in the world?

Well, I could come up with only my personal theories....err ideas!

I observed my own evolution; I observed the evolutions of folks around me; I read through autobiographies/ biographies and my conclusion was this:

All greatness was related to creativity, all creativity was in turn related to love, pain and other emotional catalysts !

Even a tiny piece of creative work comes from either of the emotions stated above, and immediately the average Joe / Jane would get tagged as great! The once-average-now-great wonders what happened to me? I’m only trying to overcome the pain - my sweetheart is no more; I’m only trying to survive – my dad’s no more! but what they don’t realise is this: In the process of overcoming , escaping or surviving pain, this pain serves as a catalyst in bringing them closer to their ‘inner self’, the ‘inner self’ – temple of infinite potential, wherein anything that can be ‘thought of’, can be ‘created’. When we look back at our roots, our parents and their roots and so on..., we see a chain of transformations occurring at major ‘emotional points’ – loss of a loved one or a beloved, separation from a place of childhood days, letting go of a much sought after desire, unable to live up to expectations of near ones, etc.

The pain is pierced at to let out to drip off....very much like the boil that is pierced at to let out the pus, knowing that not only will it cause more pain but also it is the only way to heal, the only way to move on! Leading to original, hereby unthought-of creations! Leading to better artists, poets, writers, musicians, dancers, singers, sculptors, inventors, etc.

Some of us here can undoubtedly relate this to their experiences while writing, is it not that the best piece comes from the worst pain?

Ending with two of my favourite lines from ‘Tujhse naraaz nahi..’ from the movie ‘Masoom’:
zindagi tere gham ne hamein rishte naye samjhaaye
mile jo hamein dhoop mein mile chhaon ke thande saaye


sawan said...

Seems like Ive got tight competition in philosophy! :-)
whats happening swt?

is it some kind of inner transformation they go through, at a sub-conscious level, in the process of combating a broken heart, a broken dream, loss of a loved one or the general injustice/ imbalance prevailing in the world?

i believe its the transformation one have unknowingly catalyzed by his/her observations. The more they observe, the stronger and unique they become. ill start the discussion here and would come back to read others.. enlighten me :-)

Scrawler said...

"Our sweetest songs are those tell of the saddest thought"(P.B.Shelley)

Johnny said...

Being in love and then bearing the pain... Love is very vulnerable. It opens up the heart for someone to get inside and take control of your heart. Even if you have build up all the defenses,so that nothing can hurt you, then one person, no different from any other person,wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you, they didn't ask for it and LIFE isn't your's anymore.
Love takes hostages!!! It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness.

A simple phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart or different reasons which makes to part ways, will sure hurt... Not just in the imagination,not just in the mind but it's a soul-hurt which leaves you in pain.

I would rather feel the pain than nothing at all :)

I have heard people say that they try various ways to mend their soul by writing,poetry,songs but and some people express to celebrate the pain. Which group are you in Vins?

I feel for your pain but happy at the end of day, as u write such wonderful posts...

Senorita said...

@ Sawan - I will quote UB40 here!!...
Every Hour of every day I am learing more
The more I learn the less I know about before
The less I know the more I want to look around
Digging deeper for clues on higher ground...

@ Johnny ...Amen!!

@ scrawler...
Apno ne humko maara,
gyaro mein kahan tha dum,
Kashti bhi aapni doobi ,
Paani jahan tha kum :)

@ Vins... this reminds me of a movie I saw, I forget the name (I think, its was "Something gotta give), it had Jack Nicholson and a leading lady whose name i forget(Old age is getting to me)...the leading lady is a writer and when she has to write, she remembers all her saddest memories, heartbreaks etc and the sheets of paper literally fly out of her type-writer :))

Fr Jerry said...

Well thought out post. The best thing is that you are turning your experiences into creative energy and urging us to do so too. :)Quite encouraging.Thanks.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

vin - such a beautiful write up and no challenges to your theory/idea this time. One can feel the depth of such emotions, pain and love, only when he/she has faced it. and yeah, when every body is quoting some one here, I would recall Jackie Collins where she says "Being in love is not for weak hearted"

so true :)

sawan - sorry but I didn't get your concept of being strong and unique by observing.. what is the relation here?

johny - I think we don't choose if we will go for "nothing at all" or the pain then after coz it just happens and you don't even have the control over it. You just start flowing and/or floating with it when it comes to you. remember celine dion.. love doesn't ask why.. it speaks from the heart, and never explains, don't you know.. that love doesn't think twice.. it can come at all once and whisper from a distance..

sen - the leading lady was some Diane, sorry but same old age factor.. can't remember the last name :)

Johnny said...

Yes, but it's not true in all cases.

For that matter i did have the choice and "WE" thought to experience and opted for "LOVE" :)

Johnny said...

Sen - You are absolutely right, that movie is Something's Gotta Give.Diane Keaton was the leading lady and she plays the role of a Theatre playwright.

Lucky, old age has not caught up with me :)

sawan said...

@Scattered thoughts: Alright you din understand whats the relationship between being strong and unique by observing. First a lighter example => my second break up killed me for close to 8 months compared to 2 years of tears after my first! :-) does that make any sense? :-)

what happens in meditation? we observe our breathe, we observe our surroundings and that helps our body and mind. In martial arts we concentrate - its nothing mut observation. Like wise in relationship we observe. We observe why we love each other, why we fight, why this distance, why do we kiss, how does it feel when he/she is there and when he/she is not there.. the more we observe, the more meaning we know the relationship. The more we know the relationship, the more strong we become [not physical strength]. The more strong we become, the more stable would be our thoughts and thus we become unique :-)

kuch samje janaab?

Scrawler said...

Oh My God! wot's happening here sawan?Are you suffering from LB Syndrome?[;)]

Karthik said...

From Physics to Chemistry?? Dual Nobel prizes?? :D

Scattered Thoughts... said...

johny - cheers! long live love and long live pain (if any, which usually IS there :))

sawan - my my.. ! ! you beat the hell out of my question bud.. Now I understand what you meant when you said "you got competition in philosophy" :) no body can compete you man, you are still the one :) hey but jokes apart.. samajh aaya and I really agree on that..

scrawler - I second you dear!

karthik - nah, even dual noble prize won't justify it :)

Vin said...

sorry for the delay..laptop has completely crashed, it couldnt bear all that philosophy:)

sawan, a few more break-ups in ur life n i feel u will become the biggest Philosopher of these times!! but we dont need any more philosophy, we need u to be happily settled down:)

Srawler, apt lines by Shelley, thanks for sharing that with us:)

Johnny, thanks for that! i heal my soul by forgiveness and expressing it the process, i achieve freedom too as a by-product! Great to know, old age hasnt caught up with u:) what about ur grey's??

Vin said...

@senorita: thanks for sharing such a beautiful line - Digging deeper for clues on higher ground...!!!
that movie gives me an idea..when i wanna blog n dont find anything, i know what to do:)

@Fr Jerry: thanks :)
its better to let it out like this than any other !!

@scattered thoughts: thanks buddy, its true, only when we go thru, do we realise...but then we have a choice, either we respond negatively or creatively:):)

@Karthik: hahhahaa..nahi baba..koi nobel prize nahi chahiye..bas ek safal aur productive zindagi chahiye :)

Johnny said...

Gr8 ur back!! Missed this week's 3WWW.
Forgiveness, Not Again!! :)
My desktop is too sensitive..

That's not due to old age but due to grey cells :)

Johnny said...

@ST: True buddy..Long Live Love and Pain

Karthik said...

ahi baba..koi nobel prize nahi chahiye..bas ek safal aur productive zindagi chahiye :)

Ha ha.. i know its a joke from ur ha ha but i swear i dunno Hindi.. Am in beginner stage with "EK GOWN MEIN EK KISSAN RAGHT THAATHA!!!"

So no offense if u cud temme t meaning Marie Curie (she has won 2 noble in ohy and che)

PS: thnks fr being my follower.. U r the one, first and only one!!!! :) Lol!! Am so grateful 2 u!!!

preeti said...

awww vin Philosophy and Preeti ,,, sigh !!!:( anyways, HUGS :):)

sawan said...

oye, enuf of bhakti, come back soon.. miss ya..

Vin said...

Karthik, god knows why all chennaites dunno hindi at all, isnt 'chennai' part of India ??

"EK GOWN MEIN EK KISSAN RAGHT THAATHA!!!" - That clip is dead funny man:):)

i meant that i dont need any prize, just a productive n useful life!!

dont thank me...i liked ur blog..can't u c i follow only the best blogs ever!! Keep blogging buddy..its a nice outlet for youngistan:)

Vin said...

hey's ur new job n colleagues? me has just returned.. am sure u must have blogged all ur experiences ..will read ur posts soon..

philosophy n me...siamese twins!!
thanks for the hugzzzzzz:) n a big 1 for u (((())))) :)

Vin said...

Sawan saar!!!

wokay..i came back:)

lots of bhakti-shakti-mukti posts to type...n so many posts to read.. WOW!!!

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