Nov 22, 2008

An invitation from Mr. Black Cobra!

Yeah, you read that right. It all happened about a month ago. It was 5 am and I was as usual lost, lost not on the god-damn roads without billboards (am directionally disillusioned, remember??), but lost in slumberland!

He stood right in front of me, all black and shiny, now dont ask how a snake stands?; so he balanced himself upright on his coiled rear end and hissed an invite, quite an enchanting invite though I havent learnt the snake lingo, I knew for sure that the enchanting feeling it gave me was indeed my call from above !!! chalo bulava aya hain, mujhe matha ne bulaya hain.

I was glad that at last some-body/animal rather reptile has invited me to its den for some electrifying exchange of thoughts and/or theories, at least thats what I thought it meant. Come on..what else could a shiny, black cobra want from a beautiful girl like me? why else would a shiny, black cobra scare the night-lights out of me?

So, this woman of substance AKA Smart Alecca, does an innocent U-turn. She confides to her mom. Now, as all moms are, her mom was too! One may ask what? TERRIFIED, I say!!

She drags Smart Alecca all the way to the family astrologer, a Mr. Know-it-all, dont we all have one? Incidentally, he also happens to interpret dreams/nightmares whatever. That trip called upon urgently for another one...only this trip would be another 1000 kms plus from Mumbai - the trip to the Kukke Subramanya temple only 100 kms from Mangalore, where my roots are!

Here, Lord Subramanya is worshiped in the form of a Cobra, so that was indeed an invite; a call from above! Legend has it that sarpa dosha (curse of a snake) may be pardoned here by the Lord Himself provided the appropriate pooja is performed. We performed one of the poojas as prescribed by our family doctor errr family astrologer!!

Guess what I prayed for, rather humbly and naively:

Vinny ki tammana hain ke Hero use mil jaye
Chahe meri jaan jaye, chahe mera dil jaye

P.S: I'm obliged to add useful footnotes for having wasted your precious time thus far blabbering about snakes, God, Snake-God, beliefs, superstition and the likes. So, here goes my A to Z tips on Beauty from the Kitchen!! (given that men too are beauty conscious)..For all men who aren't, just ponder on the SAKA fairness cream ad - EVOLVE!

A for Aloe vera: It is the perfect cooling remedy for a sun-burnt skin. All you have to do is pluck a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract its gel. Apply it to the sun-burnt area and rinse it off after it dries. Repeat the procedure for some days. (a tip from the garden rather?)

B for ?(check out next post!)


sawan said...

wowo, enlightened vins turn herself to a beauty therapist ;-)

sawan said...

did the cobra finally say "hero tuje mil jayegi"? ;-)

sawan said...

u din take any snaps from over there?

Senorita said...

@ first of all welcome back...yey!!!..vinnys back...YEY!!!and now back to business...good one girl...TERRIFIED moms tell me about it... my mom has been trying to drag me to Trimbakeshwar for a while now...all the astrologers have scared the hell out of for thought...if they have scared the hell out of her isnt it a good thing...I mean, now there is only heaven in her now...hehehe...I wont get breakfast if she reads the pooja Vins is back in action... all eligible bachelors look out...Vinny is suddenly AVAILABLE...:))

Senorita said...

@vin ... no matter what.. I cannot imagine you as one of those filmy "chalo bulava aya hain, mujhe matha ne bulaya hain" types :))...

Vin said...

Sawan saar,

me has not only turned into beauty therapist but a lot many posts would be flavored with them..this is the new Vin - all light n happy!!
So watch out for some funnnnnnn:):)

Mr. Black Cobra is actually HE Himself, surely he has scripted a HERO for me somewhere..i have faith, my HERO would definitely come maybe later but he has to, bechara kahan chupega?? script ke hisaab se acting karna padtha hain na ?? just reminded me of scrawler's Hero who never came..maybe our heroine needs to go to this temple too:)

i did take pics but believe me, they didnt get saved:(

Vin said...


Thanks gal, me is soooo glad to be back:):)

u better go to Tryambakeshwar soon yaar, ur HERO is hiding somewhere near..u need clues..u need the key..the Lord will help u find it provided u bribe him the right way:):) aunty is terrified for u gal - all she wants is to find her son-in-law (now in hiding)(hope u got ur breakfast, dear??)

i am extremely filmy gal..Mumbaiyya n non-filmy, u think thats possible?? my fav song jus for u - tere jaisa yaar kahan...kahan aisa yarana...yaad karegi yeh duniya..tera mera afsaana...:):)

@eligible bachelors - now that u happened to read this bit, though by no fault of urs n a little bad luck too, i guess... pls consider it as the Divine Grace n allow me to introduce Vin - the Smart Alecca...i could go on n on..better read thru all my posts..a chutney of every damned stuff!!!

Scrawler said...

Glad to see you in full form!

Black Cobra& Barack Obama....Rhyming na?
when i saw the title...i thought it must be something about Obama!!

So you must have enjoyed your Dakshin Karnataka trip?I have been to Dakshin karnataka..3 times(not in search of Hero!)..All the spots are beautiful!

So..We could hear Almighty's response in the coming days!!

Men are more beauty conscious than women! its true..the problem is..they never accept the fact!

Senorita said...

@ scrawler agree...Thatastu...Amen...Inshallah...we will hear good news :))

Before the advent of Fair and Handsome-fairness cream for men, most Fair and Lovely fairness cream users were men!!!...honest there is statistics to back this up :))

Vin said...


Barack Obama n a black cobra?? omg!! yeah, all the spots r beautiful, so scenic, so breathtaking..

hope so!! hehhehehhee..Sen is all ready to be the bridesmaid:):) that explains the thatastu, amen, inshallah, etc:)

u mean u actually can prove that?? i always doubted the co-relation of the fairness creams stocks getting over at the counter and the men in the vicinity getting fairer by the day!!!

Senorita said...

@ Vin..I believe it to be true...I read this dont make me dig the exact source...lemme narrate an incident relating to Fair and Lovely, my friend asked her dad to buy her a tube of Fair and Lovely, by the time her father reached the store he forgot the name and demanded a tube of "Love and Fairy" cream...when the store attendant, poor chap, said such a cream does not exist uncle adamantly continued... it does exist, my daughter uses it regularly...after many heated exchanges and on the store owners intervention it dawned on him that he had been wrong all the time :)

Vin said...

Love n Fairy!!! Sen, i guess the men here could continue further with these comments...strange how a black cobra linked to beauty conscious men... hahhahhahaa... what a crazy world na??

Sawan, scattered thoughts, Karthik..r u beauty conscious?? do u use 'Fair n Hansome'?

Fr Jerry said...

I hope there is no relation with males and cobras. "Good to look at from far." :)

Karthik said...

Vin s back!!! At first reading CoBra, i was scared jus bcause i'd compltd an exam whic had Cobra.. such a stupid i'm 2 realise that wat i learning is CORBA actua and not Cobra!! Lol.. ok! As a teen I used fair and lovely thinking it is a face perfume (box of the smell) not aware of fairness cream!! But now NO!!! I'm askin ma frnd what s ur prayer as it'd been written n hindi!!! No subtitles ah??? lol!!

And no offense.. fr my last entry of "ek gown..... " til now i thought it means "there was a thatha(old man) called Raghu(his name) who had a gown and a kissan Jam.." Aftr posting it nly ma frnd told me t real meaning its a peasant!! Sorry!!!

Karthik said...

and reg Tumara naam.. I knw it.. because i was put up in Hindi classes at ma 6th.. 2nd language.. the only qn to my Hindi teacher i wud answer is "Tumaara naam"... I was so scared 2 read and write it as i ran out of the class in a week!!

sawan said...

fairness cream??? naaaaaaaa.. ofcourse m beauty conscious but that dsnt mean i use all those stupid creams.. i hate even talcum powders.. :-( veyse bhi wut has fairness to do with personality? i still believe tanned skin is much more hot ;-)

Vin said...

@Fr Jerry: i too hope so:) :)

@Karthik: firstly, sorry i scared u of ur exams!! hope ur COBRA errr CORBA paper went off well:)

u too?? i mean 'box of the smell' maccha :):) these super bloopers r what i look out for..hhahhahaha

glad to know u've stopped 'Fair n lovely', so whats it now "Fair n Handsome' or 'Saka' ??

i'm not offended at all, ur Hindi is as good as my Tamil:) Yenna da? Yeppidi irrikke idhe?
for eg, take this :
once i was asked 'so u know Tamil now?', i answered very confidently 'yenakke yella Tamil teriyad' instead of 'teriyum' :)

BTW, i prayed for a Hero! hope ur friend translated that correctly!!

Vin said...

Sawan Saar...Zindabad!

Tall-Dark-Handsome [TDH] is what we women drool over...spare the beauty stuff to us:)

Karthik said...

Lets swap our knowledge on Hindi and Tamil.. ergg. DO u knw spell tamil words by knowing their meaning?? NA dhw cum U learnt tamil?? No fair and Handsome... Only PONDS powder

Vin said...

Hey Karthik, thats a good idea:)so, here goes...
How are you? =
Aap kaise hon? (to a man) / Aap kaisi hain? (to a woman)

i spell tamil by the way it sounds to me!! i worked at HP, chennai for nearly 2 years:)

i too use ponds talc!!

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