Nov 7, 2008

The Real Theory of Relativity!

OK! So, what’s this? Has Alecca the Smart, finally lost it? Is she hearing voices? Is she on unseen, unknown subtle planes? Or…has she started thinking!

Hah !

Not really, one may say it all just came to her – a million suns shone right through and a million sparks flew by! This theory just popped out amongst the peanuts she’s got in there! This theory which she wishes to share with the world - Let another million suns shine and another million sparks flow by…So here goes:

The Real Theory of Relativity
Dedicated to:
All who’ve known thy lover’s scorn,
Burnt thy fates unknown throughout
For true love, forgives none -
For true love, forgiveness knows not

L = T F square
where, L implies Love
                                                T implies Time and
                                                F implies Forgiveness

It all came when I was staring at nothingness or so it seems to my folks. Well, I cant say when or particularly pinpoint a time as one would note down for a newborn! But, It was more like an itch on the insides, no, not that insides, the grey matter insides where one dares to step on, who knows what devils are larking by? By thoughts, I was gloomy; by feelings, I was sad. But, by spirits, I was awake! Yes, and I say that for the record- my spirits were high, no not on RC or JW or Desi, rather one may imagine a high-spirited-euphoric-revelation kinda state, a state in which only the Divine Voices can be heard!

Having just gotten out of the cage, err.. I mean having come out of a relationship, I paused to look back, to feel the myriads of emotions once so intense, to take back all items of value, to wipe off all traces of selfishness, to mend all the broken dreams but imagine what I saw: A bright light with a silver-like hue ! and imagine what I heard:

“And all the blind with hearts of gold,
thine eyes can see but not behold
hath no rays that pass through gold,
hath no rays that pass through gold!
She stood before me, all naked but not cold –
the Truth as is forever to be told”.

And the Truth lies here…

Love is the eternal, the omnipotent; the ever stable life force. Time is the medium, the constant; it was, it is and it will be. Forgiveness is the multiplier factor, the more one forgives, the more it brings out Love. With Time being in a perpetual state of who-knows-the-beginning and who-knows-the-end, Love is growing or diminishing in much the same measure as does Forgiveness! As long as a single entity wishes to thrive, it must do so collectively in the absolute sense, thereby maintaining the Universal Equilibrium! So, my dear friends, waste not your precious time (in reading this!), but Forgive with a pure heart and Love would only have to multiply, etched on the sands of Time for eternity!

Credits: I would sincerely like to thank the below for saying what they said, for doing what they did, for just being there to cross my path, without which I wouldn’t have learnt this most amazing Real Theory of Relativity!

• All my lovers, past and present
• All I love, past and present
• When both of us were in love, only past… oops!
• Michael Bolton’s evergreen album – Time, Love and Tenderness!
……………….and last but not the least
• Our dear own, Mr. Albert Einstein, of course !


Johnny said...

I have not wasted any time reading this, but learnt a new theory.
Vin's Theory of Relativity :)

I would like to quote here the love between Earth and Sun

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth "you owe me".
Look what happens with a Love like that!

- It lights the whole Sky

sawan said...

Another equation!!!!

ek baath poochun? agar ham sabko maaf kare, tho hamare usoolon ka, hamare soch ka, hamare imman ka khayal kaun rakhega? "pyar ke liye kuch bhi" bolthe hue acha lagtha hein. is it really so practical?

i seriously think this theory looks neat as a theory but could ever be tested cos of practical difficulties!

sawan said...

imman=imaan.. sorry, it was a typo :-)

Senorita said...

Vinu, sorry for been a dweeb here...but If I forgive with a pure heart and the Love grows and multiplies thousand times over as propounded by your theory...what do I do with all the love...I would definitely not want to go on the same road which caused me to want to forgive someone over then what, do I die of a heart-broken because the heart could not hold all the love created :)) ??

Devika said...

Hi Vin!

this is the best relativity thery i have seen for life..

for science they have many. simple, special et al

but i am stuck with this theory ,great work Vin!

see again


Vin said...

@Johnny, thanks for that beautiful story..good i havent wasted ur time:)

@Sawan, pyaar ke liye sab kuch!
believe me its not only practical but also the only way to evolve:)
Forgive all n receive love in abundance n remain in balance, simple na?

Vin said...

Senorita...nobody's a dweeb!!

well, i'll try to explain ur fear.
it all begins with 'what is the purpose of love?' really. And my answer would be:
the purpose of love is to give so much as one would give to oneself. so, when we forgive, we respect, we let go..we automatically receive so much love as much as we forgive,respect and let go...(thus universal equilibrium will be maintained)

abt taking the same road, chances are with that much forgiveness, u would receive that much love as much as you are ready to give apart from urself, roads would no more be the same, trust me, gal!

abt being heart-broken..i'm yet to hear of a heart that breaks when it fills up with love!

A tree would provide so much to mankind throughout its never questions: what wrong did it do, why we cut it? it gives fully and so it lives fully. to me that is the essence of love:)

So, the theory implies that 'Only one who has loved fully, has lived fully'. To love fully, one must forgive fully.

Like Christ said "Forgive him for he knows not what he does", i'm sure the tree would be saying the same thing!

Vin said...

hey Devika.. thanks !
i'm really glad you think this theory of relativity is the best one ever !!
you are most welcome :)

sawan said...

uttering the same qns : 'what is the purpose of love?' is it forgiveness? Christ said that and a religion is built over him. If everybody start being like him, things could go worse :-)I still find it hard to believe that the love earned from forgiveness is worth it! maybe yes at times, but definitely not every time!

Scrawler said...

@ senorita..can u formulate a new equation on forgiveness using 'm' 't' & 's' ?

Vin said...

Sawan Saar :)
Lets not start new religions, plsssssssssss !!!
It is worth it, one will know while dying..the whole purpose of life, the self, the needless expectations, the need to forgive, the Truth!
But, why wait till death, why not get the message now itself and Live Fully??

sawan said...

vins you got a new post on scrawler's page waiting for you :-) the equation is going places!!

Vin said...

hmmm, my critics have joined forces !!
another equation to counter mine??
grrrrrr...lets see this too.

forgiveness = - (mistakes + tears + sacrifices)

hope u like it, Scrawler n Senorita :)

Vin said...

yes Sawan Saar:) thanks for that..i have already replied there:)
this equation will be opposed Big time, what to do, every radical, irrational philosophy and/or theme has been subjected to it, so this one too!
i pray and believe, that this theory will be accepted at least after i pass away, for once mankind will be freed.. freed from unneccesary pain
Amen !

Scrawler said...

critics have joined forces..u mean S CUBE? Sawan,Scrawler&Senorita?;)

Senorita said...

@ scrawler tried to make an equation, check the comments on your blog :)

Vin, pls dont beat me up :)

Vin said...

@scrawler: hehhehehheee...the S CUBE ! sounds like a true force indeed:)
well, i am scared to death now!!!
will u drag me around the streets, all the while beating me with sticks n stones?? n then will u tie me up to my favorite 'Banyan Tree' to crucify me ??? :) :)

So be it..BUT i shall still Forgive u guys for u know not what u do!

May the S CUBE be freed from all pain, may they be happy forever !


Vin said...

hey Senorita... thats a great equation, though a spoof!
no, i wont beat u up, why should i?
the whole purpose of my theory has been beaten up already !!!

Scrawler said...

@ Senorita...when are u going to post 'senorita's theory of relativity"?

Scrawler said...

@Vins..i'm a lil how can i beat you?all that i can do is to give a tinge of relief during scorching heat!:) ;)

Senorita said...

@ Scrawler...the comment on your blog was my theory :)

Vin said...

Scrawler, o my casaurina!

that little tinge of relief is enough 'punya' for u ;)
An angel awaits u soon...may all ur tears just be wiped away, may all ur sacrifices be paid for, may all ur mistakes show u the way!

love n peace
from l'il poetess :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hah, to be honest, it was OHT (over head transmission).. I was never good at physics, so expecting me to understand this will be expecting too much.. but one thing for sure, forgiveness should not be in nature.. I mean, we are not saints but very ordinary human beings. It should be dependent on the circumstances and several other factors like why the other person behaved like it. For me, I believe in "akaaran bhala, sakaran bura"

oh, too long for a comment.. so thats it for now..

Vin said...

@scattered thoughts: hmmmm, the S CUBE becomes stronger..u have joined the forces to become S FourED !!
hehehhehee..all i can say is if ur happy with ur equation, then OK, but if ur not, u need help!
this theory would help:)

i think 'bhala' is 'good' n 'bura' is 'bad', right ? so whats 'akaaran good, sakaran bad'?

sawan said...

@vins: your equation : forgiveness = - (mistakes + tears + sacrifices)

doesnt that mean that when forgiveness increases mistakes, tears and sacrifices also increases?

the question is would one go against three :-) Sen and Scrawler.. S cube :-)

Scrawler said...

Hey Sawan...You got it wrong! its not S CUBE! now the equation has changed..its S FOURED! sawan,scrawler,senorita & scattered thoughts.;)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

vin - yeah.. you are right on bhala-bura. Now akaaran means without reason and sakaran means with reason so that makes it, do good without any reason and do not forgive when you have a reason.. haaah..too much of Hindi I guess but hey, its our mother tung after all, so once in a while :)

Vin said...

@Sawan: Observe the equation correctly n u will see..u have missed out a 'minus' sign :):)
rather, the two sides r opposite n inversely proportional.. sadly all of us miss it n choose to remain in M+T+S state forever!!

@scrawler: yeah happy:) at least this way ur happy!

@scattered thoughts: thanks for that explanation..sounds like pure n ancient hindi :)

Scrawler said...

hey vins...sawan has taken a print out of the whole discussion on our equations..ha ha

Senorita said...

@scrawler... he is probably researching the whole thing as we speak(type)!!!!....hehehe... this is going to be good... I can feel it in my bones :))

Vin said...

Scrawler & Senorita : hmmmm, now that means heavy debates would be coming up!
S Foured , 2 Victorians against a poor radical theory-ist :)

Rajesh said...


I can call this as Theory of Lovitivity....hahahha..

Its tru.. base for a happy life is love which comes only by forgiving(also call adjusting/compromising with others taught)..

Love=forgiveness * Time --> we can see this with the old couple..
This is y couples were so happy & attached when they turn old..

sawan said...

Scattered thoughts, sorry, i din read you while i commented before :-)

vins, your mathematics professor would die of a shock if he reads this

"Observe the equation correctly n u will see..u have missed out a 'minus'

sign "

what difference does minus bring. Havnt you learnt that both sides of an equation

are equal?

[a] = [-(b+c)] means as "a" increases [-(b+c)] also increases. if two variables are

connected using a "equal to", the values are directly proportional. it comes along

with the negation. :-)

then you said forgiveness is inversely proportional to [mistakes+tears+sacrifice].

that mean that as mistakes and sacrifices increases forgiveness decreases! is that

what you wanted to imply? :-)

okie, coming back to the theory part. I propose two theories:

1.] theory of reason:

tears are born because of sacrifices. Sacrifice is done because of forgiveness.

Forgiveness happens when someone commits a mistake. Here i second "Sen's

theory" the reason for a repeated mistake = the person who commits it is sure that

the other person would end up in tears, would sacrifice and forgive. M =


2.] theory of effect:

mistakes would lead to tears. tears would make us numb one day. This would kill

emotions and in turn blunt love. Lack of love would lead to less sacrifice. Less

Sacrifice would always mean less forgiveness.

M => T / [S*F]

Note that one operator is "=" and the other operator is "=>"!

Sen, Scrawler and Scattered Thoughts , what say?

Sen, do comment or else I would be forced to believe that you failed to get the Z

category security :-)

Vins, you are a sweet heart. I just wanted to know how you would prove your point.

the more we discuss, the more would we know each other!

Fr Jerry said...

You are writing with a vengeance. :) But the positive energy coming out is unbelievable. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to accomplish but one of the most effective. Many might misagree but that can be left at that.

If we can glide through time we realise that forgiveness becomes a bit more easy. But when time is seen as a luxury, forgiveness comes under immense pressure and many a time fades away into the background. Nevertheless, thanks for brining in this aspect of life into a world which is increasingly impatient to forgive.

Vin said...

i think u have given the ultimate answer to the S FOURED gang :)
old couples love is indeed real !
great example supporting the theory da..

Vin said...

Sawan Saar,

many many thanks for ur 'small comment'!!

I am extremely sorry for that stupid equation (F = -(M + S + T)),i tried to give a shot at...actually scrawler had asked Senorita, but i tried to act smart, Bad Girl Me:) n yes Sen's done a great spoof job..
Sorry, All my Maths teachers:) :) *holding my ears n kneeling down

anybody confused here, pls check the link :

coming to both your theories (effect n reason), u may ask the S CUBE or rather S Foured to comment, since the original theory has nothing to do with negative such as 'mistakes, tears n sacrifices', these things will never match up with forgiveness, where there is love, there is ONLY LOVE :)

u may see my first reply to senorita on the very purpose of give fully - to live fully :) so nothing would be a mistake, a tear or a sacrifice :)

Why is everyone so unacceptable with the idea of 'forgiveness' ?? it doesnt mean u will be taken advantage only means that you have RISEN in ur LOVE.

Hope i have cleared ur anxieties abt forgiveness!

P.S. : i have forgiven u need for Z security, Sen is safe, i love her :)

Vin said...

thanks a million, father:)

Time is such a luxury, we live as though we will never die!
forgiveness is such a beautiful concept, so i thought i could share it with others...alas !!

but, maybe after i go...hehhehehee

sawan said...

vins, now that you have taken a step back, i put my sword back.

okies.. seems that we deviated from the original equation in question : L = [ T * F ] ^ 2

vins, baby, i love you. you dig your own hole :-)


L = [TF]^2
L = T^2 * F^2
F^2 = L / T^2
=> Forgiveness is inversely proportional to Tears
=> As tears increases forgiveness decreases.
=> Thats exactly my point! :-)

sawan said...

oops small confusion here..

T implies time and i thought it implies tears..!

okies.. i put my sword back.. pardon me for my ignorance. i shall learn from you :-)

Vin said...

Sawan the myriads of comments n a rebellious heart, you have forgotten my orginal theory itself !!

yes, T implies Time and not tears, for Christ's sake !!

moreover, its L = T F ^ 2
and not L = [T F] ^ 2
hence all implications are wrong !!!

Not your fault though, almost all of us r living that way. Sad but true ! we are always finding faults in others n even more so in our lovers!

i have great Hope in this Theory:)
Pls dont kill it !

P.S. : No need of a sword, dear. Remember?? this whole story is about 'Forgiveness' !!

sawan said...

yes ma'am. acknowledged.

Scrawler said...

@Rajesh saar :P

The theory of forgiveness i'm talking about is from a wide angle..i mean Universal Brotherhood! so..why are you limiting your illustration to just theory of lovitivity?or just Old couples?

May be in future..the theory might find a place between Vins & me..or Sawan & me..or even me and my kid

Scrawler said...

@ ...i said..i MAY NOT FORGIVE(explicitly) but somewhere within my self..i'm doing the act of forgiveness!

..i never said..i won't forgive!

what i concluded was even if i forgive..i won't forget!

so...from where does the question of 'unpardonable' comes?

the lines..i wrote was...


isn't that forgiveness?

the question is 'such people' deserve forgiveness?(mind that..knowingly they make mistakes )

Scrawler said...

@ Vins..the comparison of BANYAN TREE & not possible...

A Banyan tree is can bear any kind of sorrows...more than one 'axe' is needed even to cut a single branch.

But we human beings..are we strong enuf?we all are teneder hearted..even a small kick can smash our tiny hearts.

Compare a Banyan Tree with Casaurina...A small axe is enuf to cut the whole casaurina...similarly..the casaurina is not capable of providing 'SHADE' to hundereds of people at a can only provide just a tinge of relief..that too for one or two!

Scrawler said...

@ vins...I'm not contesting your theory.what i'm trying is to make you think and formulate newer theories of that it may find UNIVERSAL ACCEPTANCE" :) :)

Scrawler said...

@ Sawan& Vins..I'm an illiterte as far as these equations are tell you the truth..I don't even know..what this theory of relativity is all about(Hope Einstein will FORGIVE me for that..and also my physics teacher)

Karthik said...

U deserve NOBEL prize.. But since u havnt been listed in it i Give u LOV(B)EL Prize!!! lol!!

And ur rplies To Sawan and Scrawler took me into my Physics class!! Lucky I dint sllep but made a YAAAAAAAAAWWNNN!!! If this s asked as a semestr Qn, sure u r goanna gt University first!!!

Rajesh said...

Hi Scrawler

good u said v need to spk abt this in wide angle..

you are correct becoz v obviously forgive our blood relations, but wat abt friendship? we all are close only with certain people, y? bcoz those are the people who v can able to adjust/compromise(forgiveness).

Vin said...

O my Dear Scrawler!

by my theory, i wanted to free mankind from pain, but looks like i have caused a lot of pain!

definitely, you never said that you will not fact you are forgiving each time You 'cared' for that person, though 'he/she' isnt supposed to deserve it:)
Your point is 'Do they deserve forgiveness?' Jesus & Gandhi too could have asked that question!

The answer to that question again brings us to my theory! Read my earlier comments in your blog:)
You are able to forgive because You Are STRONG - strength here is measured in Love. hence for me, u r a Banyan Tree, not a casaurina

my dear Banyan tree, You have only Risen in ur Love!! Your love is pure, thats what matters:)

When they leave you, or miss your love due to some reason, they may react angrily n hurt even more, BUT deep inside you have taught them 'Love', it will create deep ripples in their transformation sooner or later, maybe you may not be there to receive/witness it, BUT happen it will. So, they too deserve 'Forgiveness' :)

Humans have much to learn from banyan trees, coconut trees, etc.:):)

A new theory for universal acceptance ?? hahhaa, maybe when i want to be beaten up black n blue:)

and nobody is an illiterate, never call urself that, sweetheart!

Love & Peace forever

Vin said...

Hey Karthik, Good to see u here:)
Thank you for your prize..but i would be honored when u accept n follow the theory.. that would be the greatest prize for me:)

(your blog takes mightly long time to open and i nearly grew old scrolling down the posts, maybe its my system or something, dont know yet!!)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

wow.. what a heated debate... and we blame our politicians that they fight like kids in parliament :)

Vin - yeah pure and ancient.that is how I like it some times...

Scrawler said...

@ scattered wanna see the result of this heated debate???check

Senorita said...

I seem to have come in late... were you guys up all night shooting theories...:))

@ rajesh... agree with Scrawler...but would like to make a point, old couple seem happy because of their acceptance of the sacrifices, the older they get, the more you are familiar with ways of the other and the more you sacrifice for the sake of the relation. I have introduced a new "F" - Familiarity

Sacrifice = Familiarity * Time

@ Scrawler - Whenever a new theory is propounded, it is usually shot down, there is nothing like UNIVERSAL ACCEPTANCE, even the person who said the World is round when the popular reigning belief was that the earth if flat faced stiff competition and I am sure there were many people who wanted him consigned to the loony bin. Further I am taking your comment of not knowing the Einstien's theory at face value, here the same for layman understanding : "One hour spent with a beautiful girl seems like a minute, whereas on minute on a hot stove seems like an hour" :)

@ Sawan - agree with Vin we have distorted her original theory(still dont agree with it), but I like your theories, the more the tear the less the forgiveness rings true as the more we cry the more we let the other get a hold on us and fear more than Love increases !!!.

Scrawler said...

@senorita..check my new post!

Scrawler said...

wow!!so..shall i put it like this?

Senorita's theory of familiarity? :P

Sen's theory of familiarity?

Scattered Thoughts... said...

scrawler - just checked it, too good.. but I am sure that is not the result yet.. be prepared for another debate there.. Sawan.. where are you??

Scrawler said...

@ sen...what if the same person continues to sacrifice?that person enjoying at others cost..isn't it?

Familiarity Breeds Contempt[:P]
SO..can u explain?

Scrawler said...

I donno why everyone are talking about 'old couples' here?

This theory is applied anywhere & everywhere! Between a mother &kid,between siblings,between friends, bloggers[:P] between a husband &wife

If you guys are so adamant in applying this theory on couples...i wud say...this theory will be a big failure!

A lot of other factors..such as personal space,independent ,freedom...has to be considered while applying this theory of familiarity among couples! so better keep the poor couples out of this issue!

i think..we need to open a separate post on the application of theory of familiarity among couples.
i swear..sawan will be more benefited & thrilled by that topic ;) :P

what do u say vins?

Senorita said...

@scrawler - that is the reason I said "seem" happy, the whole world is a stage, we put on masks, the one who is continously sacrificing ultimately begins to hate or build a reservoir of contempt...true Familiarity breeds contempt :)... but since the one sacrificing values the relation for whaeverr reasons even though he/she is being used for whatever reasons (inferiority complex, fear, peer pressure, stigma, etc.) he will continue putting on a facade for all to see even though he/she is dying on the inside !!!

Scrawler said...

wow! rightly said!

Scrawler said...

@ sen..perhaps thats why...people lose faith in Love,affection, a way or other..most of them tends to be selfish(though they pretend they are not)few others knows very to attain their needs and wants at the cost of others(even by coercion)

Vin said...

hey guys !! specially S Foured Gang :)
happy to see a whole fun session going on here at least now!!

Maybe, scrawler or senorita, should start new posts for all such equations arising out of various human emotions at all ages.
Sawan can post with counter-equations !
Scattered Thoughts could take sides:)
Life in blogosphere would be full of debates...Come on fold up ur sleeves n begin...

All The Best, S Foured:)

Senorita said...

@ scrawler...nothing but nothing remains pure in this world of ours... I grant you, it starts off in the pure state...but disillusionment sets in and the whole thing gets horribly distorted...some people accept it and sacrifice themselves, and mould themselves to be compatible to the other, others stick to their guns and are deemed as misfits in society... this can go both ways...when I say "misfits' I mean they do not fit the image of the average acceptable norms for people...they can end up on either overcoming their initial disillusionment they can become highly spiritual beings or live in their disillusionment and become perverts who cause nothing but pain to all concerned...

Scattered Thoughts... said...

sen - I would say sacrifice is essentially a part of every relationship. One can not expect some one to be 100% compatible and hence we have to give, and that is when we are able to take. While I still don't agree on this give and take concept for forgiveness but for relationships its a must.

Vin - no side takings, I am still firm and adamant on my good old.. oops ancient Hindi theory. No need for any equations there :) coz it still goes over my head. If I could be that good with physics and equations, my dad would have been a very happy man indeed :))

sawan said...

65 comments already!! i guess thats a record over here!!

sawan said...

totally agrre with Sen's introduction to Familiarity.. No we have

1.] Love => L
2.] Time => T
3.] Forgiveness => F
4.] Tears => t
5.] Mistakes => M
6.] Sacrifices => S
7.] Familiarity => f

okie now, lets derive an equation considering everything..

Base Equation:

L = T * F^2

As per Sen's theory :

S = f * T => T = S / f

Substituting the value of T in the base equation =>

L = [ S * F^2 ] / f

As per Sen's older theory :
M = [ t * S * F ]^2

Since the mistake has no root, lets postulate that : M = tSF.

this implies S = M / [ t * F]

Substituting the value in the reformed base equation :

L = [ M * F^2 ] / [ t * f * F ]

You could see that one F gets canceled here implying that the introduction of tears and mistakes instead of Sacrifice reduces the power of forgiveness!

the final formula

L = [ M * F ] / [ t * f ]

This implies that if Forgiveness is directly proportional to Mistakes [meaning as the mistakes increases forgiveness also increase] , and tears and familiarity of pain does not grow to challenge this forgiveness, then love increases. This supports Vins theory .

This also implies that once tears and familiarity to pain increases to an extend to challenge the forgiveness cos of increase in mistakes and sacrifices, then love decreases, thus supporting Sen's, Scrawler's, Shattered thought's and my theories.

Hope every one had their say. We have seen the same theory from different angles. It only proves that united we are complete! So frenz, lets unite :-)

Senorita said...

@ scattered Thoughts.. after Sawans beautiful conclusion that we were actually behaving like the blind mice(I hope you know the story, lemme know if this is not the case, I fancy myself as a good racounteer of late :P) and looking at the same problem from different angles, I have no heart to continue with my theory, just want to clarify that I agree that for every relation to succeed there has to be give and take, the problem only arises when the giving or taking is one way traffic!!!...

Karthik said...

Its my new theme tat makes u bugging!! Click on the category My Experiences with fantasy.. Thts ma new post!!!

is t link!!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

sawan - you are a champ buddy, I guess this is the end of debate.

sen the raconteur :) - if we are not talking about the blind mice and farmer's wife story then you are most welcome to experiment your raconteur skills on me.

Vin said...

@all: First of all, Thanks buddies for the overwhelming response!!
My theory wasnt accepted in its original form, but at least it has bonded us, agree with Sawan 'friends, lets unite!'

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