Dec 16, 2008

Cyber Stalker

Ever heard about stalkers? Yeah, those 'dreaded species', most celebrities are scared to even think about! But, I'm no celebrity, am I? I always make it a point to stay away from flashlights, men-gossip and strutting my feathers, strongly believing that If I did that, I could successfully build an 'un-interesting/ utterly boring' image in such minds. No one would dare be interested in my nothing-happening-at-all LIFE. I thought my strategy was right; I thought I would be safe from 'prying' eyes'! Alas...not to be!

My case is a simple open-and-shut one, here I know 'my stalker's identity'! That’s why the blog went 'Entry on invitation' for some time, but this way even my readers were affected by this so-called stalker, what with sparing a few minutes for reading my crap posts, now the pain doubled - they had to login too!!! Since, it was private for many days, I thought he would get the point of 'Access Denied' to mean ‘Leave me alone’ or ‘Let me breathe’ or ‘Let me go!’, so I made it public and there you go, my stalker returns in clockwork precision and sticks on like a leech….and that’s an altogether new story. This 'stalker' keeps refreshing my blog URL like a 100 times each day to 'analyze' my thoughts, to read my 'underlying' feelings for god-knows-who! He reads my posts and all your comments and my replies to your comments. Then he does the same with all your posts. He is abreast of the latest happenings in this 'new' gang more than the gang itself! Utter nuisance for me but utter Timepass for him, I say!

A little background check on this stalker-jerk. It is obvious that he has no work to do in this life. He lives only for himself, but keeps blabbering about 'sacrificing, giving and living for others' all the time. Yeah, Right! At the moment, he is alive only to torture the hell out of me, what with my already happening life and the divine selflessness I'm surrounded with! I am done with the usual boorish contempt show, the bickering, etc. to clear any miscomprehensions he may have about me. I became the ‘ice maiden’ – not at all affected by the ‘pain’ and ‘torture’ that I AM inflicting him! (mind it, I say)

He is a big loser in all aspects of his life, isn’t that the case always! He cannot face the real world, he cannot face the ‘rejection’ brought upon him by his ‘own folks’, he cannot decide whether to stand up for a friend or let her get insulted or better still molested!! He makes a song and dance professing his undying, un-diminishing love, I-will-live-for-you-forever types. He emails, phone texts me. He tries to convince me any which way he can. See, I’m not as stupid as I look! I don’t understand why anyone would still linger around my space when I've shot point-blank a 'LEAVE ME ALONE". Can anyone tell me what language do 'stalkers' understand?

I have two options with me: a) Close my blog and b) Enforce restricted access.

Firstly, I was in pain and so decided to close my blog- no life.. no blog, luckily smart sense prevailed, my blog stills sees the light of the day and also of the tubelights! See, I have no other social life except for this virtual space! That explains the new theme and lively color… Vin was getting geared up for her new life!

I did enable restricted access, which kept him at bay, unmistakably also clarify my stand of ‘Let me go… let me breathe... But, fortunately, for him, it also kept at bay, many others who didn’t have gmail ids! I made it public, believing that decency demands, self-respect and ‘i-will-sacrifice-for-her-as-usual’ will keep him at bay.

But, my widget for 'Live Traffic feed' clearly proves the fact that he has stripped off all his decency, he has broken once again another rule of friendship (I doubt there was any!!), he has again stuck like a leech! All his denials are vain attempts to hoodwink me. He is stalking me again…I’m choking! Thank God, I’m miles away, but here it’s just an ‘enter’ key so how do I prosecute trespassers?


Fr Jerry said...

Finally I have confirmed what I doubted all the while. Stalkers will be there where ever you go. I guess you have been bold to not close down your blog all together. That would have been a complete disaster.

Maybe we need to make the distinction between the virtual world and the real world. And also that everyone needs his/her space. Stalking also leads to copyright infringement because I think then, one starts sounding like another.

I do hope that you get through this problem and come out stronger. Looking at the bright side of it, it gave you an idea for a blog post.:) But jokes aside, I sincerely hope that your problem stops with this post.

Senorita said...

@ Fr Jerry... as far as i see it the problem continues...the guy is a shamless, spineless fellow who is filled with god... if he lived in the same city as me I would have thrashed him to pulp for messing with Vin...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for projecting myself as Stalker. Can you just tell me is it fair that by just typing sms you end a relation and you don't even bother to listen to the other party who always has respected your decision. What i needed was a last talk to end the relation.

You have succeded in hurting me big time.I Have only sent sms and mail's only to tell you inform you abt an issue and also i have accessed your blogsite just today, you can cross check your so called live feed.Also i admit here in this blogspace, yes i do refresh your blogspace as this the only place where i can relive the memories about you and i did go into Ruffled Soul's, Fr. jerry & Sen's blog just to have a good read. No other posts i have been.

And that i have lived for myself, yes you have mentioned correctly a person who had scarificed his love as you wanted to end the relationship.
You can stay in peace i assure, i would not disturb you further. Yes I would have been happy if you would have ended this relationship with a call.

Your One time Stalker

Senorita said...

@ "Anonymous" just won yourself the creepiest person in blogshere award...what do you mean you are 'hurt'...when a relationship ends everyone is hurt, she is just as hurt by you, by your total callous behaviour, your total lack of sense or sensibility, your "I am too good for you attitude"...but she chose to maintain a dignified silence, but you forced he to a corner which resulted in this post...please dont project yourself as a martyr, you are anything but that...and for once in your life, use the spine given to you by god, and stay out of her life...

Vinnie said...

Thanks Fr, i too hope this is 'The End', what with the bunch of lies he has typed here, I'm grateful the relationship ended, thus saving me from an ever-sacrificing, pseudo-God!

Sen, I doubt whether he even thinks about the 'hurt' he gifts so-called dignified silence was a mark of respect to the happier times, i moved on with good wishes for him, but all he wanted was 'one more call' (read: one more way to insult me/ blame me/hurt me/prove my wrongs)
i didnt give that final chance as it would end up just like the many final one's before!
n yes, after this post n his reply here, it is confirmed that he is a hippocrite n a liar...his EGO has taken the better of him...he cannot accept my decision to 'have nothing to do wth him'!
If there was even a trace of love, he would 'respect my decision' as usual, n move on...rather than give some cock n bull story in his defense.
Thank you, Sen...a million times over...first u supported me thru my pain, then u saw me thru his true colors, u stopped me from closing my blog n now u conveyed him the right feelings!

My one time Stalker, Deep within every soul is the sincere ability to strive for goodness. No doubt, it is in you too. Instead of analysing Vin n her 'hurtful attitude', be thankful that she gave you an opportunity to see your own image. Yes, she held the mirror for you, to see your own grow, to evolve! God does everything for the best:)
Good Bye...

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hey vinnie gurl.. dont get depressed.. god gave us two ears and you know very well what to do with the other ear after listening from the first.. I am glad that you didn’t close the blog coz that would have been the ultimate defeat from whoever it was and hence surrendering to his/her intentions.. no need to surrender to a loser for sure.. look at the other way around though.. some one is so possessive for you :P here, me and hero keep on hunting and no one is willing to entertain the plea :)) just kidding.. want to cheer you up with a big smile :)

Fr Jerry said...

I never knew I would get to see a soap opera of epic proportions in the virtual world:)

But heh everyone, let's move on with life. We all have our good and bitter experiences. We are all good and bad in our different ways. So please, let's respect each other.

I would suggest that a blog is a space to exchange thoughts. It is not facebook! So let's read Vin the creative writer and comment on what she writes and not how she lives and who she loves! Peace.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Fr Jerry - I moves on and let us wait for another translation from poetess :) hey vin I am not serious.. I swear.. please no more translations and no more wikis on a song :D

Scattered Thoughts... said...

sen - chill gurl.. chill.. no use of wasting up your energy like that.. and like FR said.. let us forget and move on :)

Vinnie said...

ST & Fr: i agree..lets move on..with due permission from stalker though!! OK more songs or wiki's on that...but generally music is a soul stirrer, na? i just composed a song in poetry form expressing my present emotions...a chutney of all types!!

Thanks for cheering me up, we need Peace more than ever :-)

Breaking NEWS!!!!!
Fr Jerry prevents a war in the virtual world!

Vinnie said...

More Breaking NEWS....

Sen is on Chill-pills overdrive..She cant get over the fact that some guy nearly succeeded in breaking her Best Friend!

The 'International Friendship Union' announces Sen as the 'Friend of the Year'!

Scrawler said...

Vins...i thot of translating that Mere a poetic version..Now i feel..its better not to do.

I vouch ST's first comment..As long as our HERO is there to make us smile&laugh...

Best Depresses..Trusted Betrays!
Coz...Things are not so as we SEE,and PEOPLE are not so as we THINK!

Vinnie said...

hmmmm, Scrawler...quite a few deep insights there! a lesson learnt for life:)
so, where's my real Hero?? :):)

Scrawler said...

Three Awards emerged out of this post!

Most creepiest person award given by Sen to Anonymous

Fr Jerry prevents war in virtual world! So..award for Peace given by Vinss...

Friend Of The Year Award Given By Vins to Sen!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

sen – o dear.. come out of it.. its over.. your friend oops best friend is safe and sound :) and all prepared while waiting for her real hero :D

scrawler - you too :( please no more translations

vin - your hero started on a white horse in shining armor, sword in one hand and white lilies in the other, but these dumb horses you know.. in between the horse found its real heroine and ditched the hero to a pothole to fetch the heroine :)) so please wait.. picture abi baki hai mere dost :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

scrawler - what about us.. the biggest hunter award to me and hero :P

sawan said...

i need a good read.. ill come back in the evening.

Vinnie said...

Thanks ST...picture abhi baki hain..i'm back..things r settled..
i like the twist in ur tale..lekin yahan na hero hain, na heroine aur na koi ummeed:):)
koi baat nahi..koi jaldi nahi..

yeh jeevan jeevan ka...yeh jeevan jeevan ka...yahi hain..yahi hain...??

Sawan: raat khatam, baat khatam..everything is sorted out:) thanks a bunch, dosth:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin,
I don't know this stalker and I don't know how much of what he wrote is false. And since you are my friend and Senorita who is closer to you and know you for long time, backs you I believe you.

I too was once in this position, not in urs but in Stalker's. My exgf told me she is breaking up without any explanation. I know she must have been upset by something in me or might have thought I'm a loser. Okay, she had the right for that, but I too had a right for an explanation. Don't you think so? May be that's what he is also expecting. I don't know the details. Think for yourself and do what is best, but be wise and don't do something worse, say like deleting the blog.

You know it's hard to suppress your emotions when it's too strong. I never went stalking her, but I sure had called her a lot after that.

And if I were you, I'll call him for one more time and fix or break it in an affable manner. Do it if you haven't. It's an advice from me as a friend. The poor chap deserves at least that for the comment.

Bye, take care

Vinnie said...

hey Chris..thanks so much for that..just for that comment i wrote him a last mail:)

things r sorted out..but he wants me to keep informing about my achievements...he refuses to move on!!!

his happiness lies in mine alone...i'm aware of that:)

even this post here makes not much of a difference!!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome.I'm happy I could help.

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