Dec 13, 2008

An Ode to Classical Ragas

My eyes are full of tears like raindrops,
yet my mind is still thirsty (for love).

This insane heart will not know
what game is being played.
This song which is full of sadness,
appears on my lips and
takes me to a far away place.
Although I have forgotten everything,
but I still remember few things.
My mind is still thirsty (for love).

The story is old.
I am trying to remember you.
I still cannot forget the swing of “sawan” (The monsoon season).
The seasons come and go
while leaving behind false comfort.
My mind is still thirsty (for love).

Many years have passed since we left each other.
In the sky, I can see the lightning as the streak of time
and I saw you in that lightning.
Hope and despair play the game of hide and seek with my mind.
My mind is still thirsty (for love).

Sounds familiar? :) thats 'Mere naina sawan bhado, phir bhi mera man pyaasa...' sung by Kishore Kumar in 'Mehbooba' in Raga Shivranjani which is known to evoke the moods of romance and sorrow!! My one and only favorite sad love song. 
Today as I was humming it, my curiosity took the better of me, I realised a strange happiness in humming began the research, was led to this link, and i'm glad I found this beautiful storing it in my space for eternity....


Scattered Thoughts... said...

one word OHT

Though I consider myself a music buff but this one (the link you provided) uhhh.. too much..

Vinnie said...

hehehhehehhe....agreed! its the wikipedia for that song alone:)

Senorita said...

@ vin...daane maarayti..kesala ijja...sad song kennond ulla...baaka aven englishad transalatela maltond ulla... :))

Karthik said...

I still cannot forget the swing of “sawan” (The monsoon season).

ROTFL :) I've nt heard of this song!!! I thought it's ur own poem!! Nalla ae-ma-th-ita (Foooled me in Tamil) :) Remembr I'm ur tamil guru!!!

Karthik said...

Vin... Hav 2 listened to Ghajini songs?? Thr s a song called Latoo Latoo. It means The sweet given in Tirupathi eh?? Hope while u were in Chennai u wud have tasted this sweet!!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

poetess - a lil correction.. the song says phir b mera man pyasa and you transnalted man to mind.. :)

sawan said...

vinnie: darlin, all the while i thought u wrote this beautiful poem [beautiful not only cos my name is reflected :)] only to realize its a translation!

Sen, could you come up with the translation of what you wrote, if you dont then all i have to say is this : ithoru pothu sthalamaane. ivide vyathyastha bhashakal samsarikkunnavar varunnu. dayavaayi ellavarkkum manasilaavunna aangeleya bhasha upayogikku.. :P

Karthik, i loved the songs from Vaaranam Aayiram, especially the "adiye" song!

Beggar said...

Vins...scrawler here!please send me an invite to

hey...u know carnatic ragas?i mean...analysing each raga and alll?if so...i shall post something on that my vins could sleep comfortably :)

New template is looking extremely beautiful! please don't change this

Scrawler said...

Vins...something for u..

My brimmy eyes with briny drops
yet i flutter for love

Insane heart oblivious
of destiny's game.
Poignant song sways in my lips..
drives me to a distant...

Senorita said...

@ Sawan...understood...never knew you were so "english"..."it is rude to speak in a different language which others cant understand"...hehehe....what i wrote to Vin was...whats up...No work...listening to sad songs and translating them to english!!!

ST...OTH...or am I losing my sense of humour here ??...I always thought "Man" was Mind....

Scattered Thoughts... said...

sen - I thought man was heart.. is it so ?? where is poetess herself??

Scattered Thoughts... said...

guess too tired after that loooooonggg walk :P

Vin said...

Sen, :):):)
trust me, any kishore kumar song is a mood uplifter - his sheer raw talent makes me believe in all the good possibilities in life. His most saddest ragas, his joyful melodies, his life-reflecting numbers, just abt everything...i simply keep works for me:)

n yes, Man is mind coming from sanskrit - Manasa

Vin said...

:) ennak teriyum, vanakk ariv irrike, na eppidi fool panringe..
hope u get that :)

listen to it..its a beautiful Kishore Kumar number..even if u dont understand the lyrics, its ok...the raga creates the required energy field...full of romance n it n let me know:)

i dont understand all lyrics in tamil, but that number in '12 rainbow'..'ninaithu ninaithu..' instills deep feelings for the singer and her emotions...

n yes, i've seen Ghajini in Tamil, i love that number 'Sutthum..' i LOVE SURYA:):) Asin is perfect too!! hope, the bollywood version lives up to it..havent seen the trailors for Aamir n party..

'latoo latoo' means 'crazy on u'

tirupathi laddoos ah yes! big super jumbo sized one..which after distribution, i got little crumbs:(

All the best for your last paper!!

Vin said...

Sawan saar...ur name - monsoon will pop up in everything Mumbaiyya...most emotions r at their peak during monsoons or just remembering the monsoons is enough!!
n yes, we will communicate in english only, i vouch for Sen..she has given the translation accurately

Vin said...

Scrawler, why 'Beggar'???? n no need of an invite, its public for the time being:)

hehheee,i have no clue on the ragas but i do read abt neelambari known to instill calm n sleep?? reminds me of 2 beautiful sisters - Kadambari n Neelambari in our locality:):)

i cannot comment on your poem...its simply brings out the 'poetic' equivalent of the raga...

thanks abt the template, its so cute n lively - i cant bring myself to change it either:)

Vin said...

ST, sorry abt the delay...the other system too crashed...presently in brand new system with vista 32 bit and internet enabled!!

Man is 'mind', its more the 'emotional' side of the mind than the logical/analytical side...

for eg. aapko amitabh ka famous dialogue patha hain na...Kabhe kabhie mere 'man'(mind) mein, yeh khayal(thought) aatha hain ki....

this post has sorted out so many language miscomprehensions!!!!

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