Dec 23, 2008

Tagged ! Six crazy things while watching movie:)

OK! Thanks to Karthik, I have been tagged with this contagious bug. The bug wants me to confess about 6 crazy things I do while watching or going for a movie. I hardly watch movies other than animation but still…and without my knowledge these bugs are tagging Senorita, Sawan and Scattered Thoughts! Guys, This is a crazy bug – it makes you confess here in your personal blog and beware of the virtual gods…if you lie, you will be severely punished, so say the gods!! . Senorita, you will be locked up in a dungeon and Himesh Reshamiya will be your partner singing in infinite loop ! As for me, I do want to go for a date with George Clooney, so here goes…and yes, for the guys its Catherine Zeta Jones!

1) Take my own refreshments – See, I’m a good girl, I listen to my mom. She says not to eat ‘’outside’ food, so I don’t buy anything during the intervals. I carry my own refreshment - a few chocolate bars! See, these are slim, long and can be easily hidden at the bottom of my purse. The ‘chota’ packs can be kept inside the zip pouch or inside jeans pockets! Yey! I clearly remember an incident that would have ‘happened’ before the movie ‘Hari Puttar’, if not for my innocent nieces. Me and my two little nieces, with 3 packs of big 5-star Munch and 3 packs of small Bar One and Perk filled in my jeans pocket, one in little Dia’s frock pocket, one camouflaged under a handkerchief in my purse, one inside the zip pouch! I stood in front of the lady security, unzipped my purse, lifted my hands in the air and challenged her. She smirked, signaled me to take my purse and let us go! My knees finally stopped shaking and I was able to pass through the metal detector. I suspect it was the nieces who are well versed in giving the innocent look or that the lady was kind enough to not deprive us of some chocolate! Next time, I swear I will not let my pockets bulge!

2) Popcorn pellets – See, I’m not a movie person. I hardly remember the story or the sequence in the story except for a few funny jabs and chaps. I’m very restless during any movie except animation! I keep changing my position. I hate popcorn but eat it if I have to. So, once me and my crazy friend Jas, started throwing popcorn at people in the front! Now they were all guys, when they looked behind angrily, we gave them our big ‘Cibaca’ smile. Cibaca smile is the one which shows all 32. These guys were amused and forgot all about the movie. I think that was the debut movie of Arshad Warsi – Naseeb Apne Apne..but again I’m not sure! Later, when the movie got over, we didn’t leave the hall until they had left. They did wait quite some time for us to come but soon realized that our ‘popcorn-throwing’ was the effect of the movie alone and had nothing to do with them! That was the last time I ever bought popcorn!

3) Forced Curiosity/Imagination – Yeah, I never go through the trailer or read any review before going to the cinema. If by chance, I happen to hear particularly bad reviews, I program my mind to convert the bad into good. It works for me! I also realized that it works the best when it is Hrithik Roshan. No movie can be rated with one or half star which has my heartthrob, can it? This habit may not be categorized as crazy after all. It’s the most sensible thing to do when the hero overshadows the storyline, the cinematography, the score or the dialogues. I always imagine myself opposite Hrithik. The whole movie watching becomes therapeutic and I’m healed at least temporarily from love sickness or ‘Imaginary Boyfriend Syndrome (IBS)’. I confess, I imagined myself dancing with Hrithik drenching in the rain in the movie ‘Koi mil gaya’ in my little pink skirt! Idhar chala..main udhar chala..jaane kahan main…kidhar chala….areeyy pisal gaya…..

4) After the movie ? This may not be so abnormal after all. I usually make my plans for the evening or for life during movies. It’s something about the ambience, I say! After being fed on so many of reels of ‘never-gonna-happen’ events, I get inspired to work on real events for which the probability is always greater than 0. It also helps the mind in the logical reasoning box. If so and so can happen in the movie, chances of it happening in real life is always 0 and vice versa! In fact, a friend and me had quite a heated discussion regarding survival strategies and the avoidable or unavoidable situations for using the F word….during the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’! Manoj must have made this awesome movie in an unusual style, but the pace it went at, I could almost see my nails growing!

5) Lip sync dialogues – I love doing this especially for the villains and it usually is so predictable that it comes out beautifully! ‘Kutthe kameene …main tera khoon pee jaunga…’ or ‘Kal moohi, kahan muh kala kar ke a gayi…’. Now, sometimes we also put in our own funny dialogues into a serious situation, much to the amusement of the folks sitting nearby! Sadly, I cant remember any right now. Also, I have this crazy habit of letting my ears catch neighboring dialogues. In case of a funny one meant in double entendre, I force my brains to not process it and respond with my mouth for fear of getting caught! But I did get caught big time during the movie ‘Dilwane Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. It was during the song ‘Main tere saamne…’, relating to some bathroom joke for Kajol!

6) Short course in Fashion/ Interior Design – A cinema is the best platform for a short course in fashion design or interior design. Don’t you think? Irrespective of whether the hero’s character in the movie is of a poor guy, the hero will most definitely break into a song-and-dance sequence in designer clothes in the most coolest interiors or exteriors possible. The roadside tapori in torn, faded jeans will be shown in designer trousers in a designer office et al. I remember a scene in Vaastav, in which Sanjay Dutt, an encounter specialist and his prostitute girlfriend – Namrata Shirodkar are transformed into two decent lovebirds…all complete with his suit and her saree singing away to glory in ‘phoren’! I usually note down the latest pattern in salwar kameezes and accessories to match for shoes!

Hope, I win my date….


Scrawler said...

ha ha...popcorn pellets&imagination..Now let me try to imagine u opposite to Hritik..

Full marks for this post!

Senorita said...

@ have not mentioned cry buckets...she was crying like a baby, full with hiccups and all that while watching BLACK...decided that day to watch only animation or comedy films with her...

You win your date with George Clooney girl and see if he is OK to double date, ask him to please bring his friend Johnny Depp for me!!!

Vinnie said...

Thanks Scrawler!

Sennnnnn....crying is not a crazy thing:) so it doesnt fit in this tag:):)
v will go to shiv sagar with George n Johnny ???

sawan said...

lol, i luvd the popcorn pellets :P i seriously dont think i do any crazy things while watching a movie..i am sort of a serious watcher.. i enjoy all sorts of movies.. other thn SRK movies.. i only like a couple of his movies, one being "chak de". personally i dont like the guy.. other movies, i just watch it a lil too seriously and i hate it if i am disturbed with whispers or mobile ring tones.. :P

and whats up with the layout? the font is all red! and the posts dsnt fit in properly!! beta testing?? :P

sawan said...

okies, forget my last comment reagrdin the layout and font.. its cos of my browser.. looks good in IE.. in firefox, things are lil misplaced.. you may want to check it urself..

Vinnie said...

hehehhe, Sawan saar..i hope u dont beat up 'serious' movie watchers like me...firefox is a 'bad'; dare it change my layout!!!

sawan said...

firefox is a open source browser compared to the microsoft "packed" version of IE.. respect open source :P

Vinnie said...

Sawan saar, should have checked this layout in Firefox too..maybe they r working for MS or they dont respect open source or they r in dire need of funds to be able to design my template to suit all browsers in the world!!

btw, how's Chrome by google? u must have tried it..any interesting features ??

sawan said...

chrome rocks.. its a wonderful browser.. only sad thing is that it would take time to be compatible with all the features including integrating with windows player ans so. its still in beta phase.. but it surely rocks.. u shud try..

Vinnie said...

hmmm...will try chrome or sure:)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

hey kiddo (you watch only animation movies ;) - good post and thanks for tagging.. its a herculean task to find 6 weird habits but will give it a shot..

and you dare not curse Firefox.. far better than IE which seriously sucks.. and these are the words from expert so dare not to challenge, otherwise I am going to write a post on comparison of browsers and trust me a single term will not be understandable by your artistic mind :P

Chrome is pretty good but there is a big flaw, it maintains all the history on Google server (just imagine you are opening your online banking statement and they are tracking your usage on the server) and you never know what they are going to do with all this data after 10 years.. though I might sound over conscious but google is going to do the same thing with Web what MS did with desktop computing..

I am sure sawan can throw in his further expertise here :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

and what is it with you gals and old guys.. first sen and now you.. George Clooney... he is 47-48 years for gods' sake...

Vinnie said...

ST, first of all: GEORGE CLOONEY is God's Gift to all women..47-48 is just some stupid number..i love the man :):)

i will never use Chrome in that case..Firefox need for any technical stuff..i did a NIIT course n am an end user but still technology changes every second..n i know for sure that i have no passion for it..0000 1101 0010 0100 0101 boring !!!

P.S.: i can even work as his maid/ cook/driver/bodyguard/woman friday/assistant/etc.etc. just to see him everyday ;)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

oh so we got NIITian aritist :P

and look at it.. cook, driver, bodyguard... you are a mad mad gurl :)

Vinnie said...

ST::) He is the Man, the Muse, the Myth...hmmmmmmmm

btw, i heard that Britney is coming to ur town for a dance training session :)
u could try ur luck ?

Scattered Thoughts... said...

keep it up.. may god bring George Clooney to your blog and let him know that he has got an "all in one" help all set to blow him off :)

Britney coming here? haha. not into chasing celebrities ;) already got enough shit to deal with.. :)

Vinnie said...

:):) so true!! but i thought techie guys like britney ..

my friend in US is trying hard to set us up!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

:) techie guys and Britney.. strange combination :) what is the base for this? I am more into Celine Dion though.. music I mean.. before you start racing your mind on other tracks.. ;)

Vinnie said...

hmmmmmmmmm...her music is soulful! good choice u music!!

my friends n acquaintencies in IT have pics of britney stored in their online storage..also, paris hilton n pamela..isiliye aise soch liya :):)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

OMG.. paris and pamela.. nothing but skin show.. I think your friends are going though that age ;) know what I mean!! too old for that :) budha ho gaya hu main is sab ke liye :P

sawan said...

ST, i would surely want to defend chrome here.. but before that lemme show my full support in promoting open source projects like firefox. they are anyday better than microsoft products. let me also remind you that google also supports open source development.

vinnie, i am gona take hell lotsa space out here to explain google's statement regarding the security flaw mentioned by ST. Its gona be long, so before i write it ill just give you a one line answer first:

google may or may not save information that you type on its omnibox, it does not save any information typed on any other field.

you may want to delete it once you read it:

Reacting to criticism that its new Chrome browser was essentially acting as a keylogger, potentially recording users' every keystroke, Google Inc. Monday said it would render anonymous the data it collects from the browser within 24 hours.

A privacy expert said the change's impact couldn't be gauged without knowing exactly how Google will "anonymize" the data it records as users type in Chrome's "OmniBox," the name given to the browser's combination address bar-search bar.

Google has taken heat over the "Google Suggest" feature used within OmniBox since it launched Chrome last week. The Suggest feature automatically lists related search queries and popular Web destinations based on the text typed into the OmniBox. Suggest works by logging users' keystrokes -- not just in the OmniBox, but since late last month in Google's primary search field -- and offering the most likely sites or searches based on a blend of popularity and the search company's own algorithms.

Suggest transmits those keystrokes to Google's servers, as the feature's FAQ acknowledges. "Just as E.T. needs to phone home in order to get a spaceship to pick him up, Google Suggest needs to talk to Google while you type in order to offer suggestions to you," the FAQ reads.

While all keystrokes typed into Chrome's OmniBox are sent to Google, the vast majority aren't permanently recorded, but instead are discarded as soon as suggestions are returned to the browser. About 2% of the time, however, the keystrokes are recorded, along with associated data such as the IP address of the user who entered those keystrokes.

Previously, Google said it needed that data to monitor and improve Suggest. On Monday, the company announced it would change how long it keeps the data logged from Suggest.

"Given the concerns that have been raised about Google storing this information, and its limited potential use, we decided that we will anonymize it within about 24 hours, basically, as soon as we practically can," said Urs Holzle, Google's senior vice president for operations, in an entry to the company's blog late Monday.

"All data retention is a balance between user privacy and trust on the one hand, and security and innovation on the other," argued Holzle. "In the case of Google Suggest, we decided it's possible to provide a great service while anonymizing data almost immediately."

Google Suggest, which had been in development since 2004, began rolling out late last month to Google's search engine. Before that, it was widely used by Google Toolbar , Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox and Apple Inc. 's iPhone.

The logging, transmitting and recording of keystrokes, however, returned to the forefront when Google released Chrome a week ago. What sparked the criticism over Chrome was the everything-in-one-place nature of the browser's OmniBox, said Alissa Cooper, the chief computer scientist at the Center for Democracy and Technology . Unlike other browsers, which separate the address bar -- where users type URLs -- from the search bar, Chrome combines the two.

"It's the URLs that sparked the criticism, and the change by Google," said Cooper. "Users were faced with Google retaining all of their search logs and all of the URLs they were typing."

Nor was Cooper sure that Google's new promise to anonymize the recorded data within 24 hours is enough. "That's a good step, but that doesn't mean that all those logs are rendered anonymous," she said, pointing out that Google says it anonymizes its server logs, for instance, when it only partially deletes IP addresses and cookies.

"It will really depend on the mechanism Google uses to anonymize those logs," Cooper said. "The impact this has on privacy will only become clear when we know how they render the data anonymous."

Chrome users can disable Google Suggest by right-clicking the OmniBox, then selecting "Edit search engines" and clearing the check box beside "Use a suggestion service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar."

Vinnie said...

ST :):) samajh gayi :)

Sawan saar: look at my message for go expression here:)

though am still to read n comprehend it fully but i appreciate ur stand on a product which has little benefit to u directly other than its principles n purpose of being!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

sawan - I agree and I also read what you have referred here but its not just the key logging.. there agreement and press releases clearly state that user agreement gives them ownership to anything you create or upload through their browser.. what about that? Then they send the potentially phishing sites in hashed format to their server.. god only knows how do they determine phishing sites and what exactly is sent to them.. you can never be sure!!

lastly they club a unique identification number with each installation hence every user can easily be identified. The clear purpose/intention here is to track your browsing habits and on the basis on that information, Google will certainly tune its ads to perfectly match your interests. I know it does not matter to most of us but end of the day its ethically wrong to use one of your product (which is claimed free) for the betterment of the other revenue generating products..

Sorry vin dear.. for making your blog space a war room :))

sawan said...

ST, appreciate your concerns. ill be happy to wear the shoes of a google spokesperson without any materialistic profit [promise :P]

the first concern: are you talking about this statement of Google in their "Chrome Terms of Service" : a section giving Google “a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.”

if yes, then this is what Rebecca Ward, the Senior Product Counsel for Google Chrome has to say : “In order to keep things simple for our users, we try to use the same set of legal terms (our Universal Terms of Service) for many of our products. Sometimes, as in the case of Google Chrome, this means that the legal terms for a specific product may include terms that don’t apply well to the use of that product. We are working quickly to remove language from Section 11 of the current Google Chrome terms of service. This change will apply retroactively to all users who have downloaded Google Chrome.”

If you still feel that google's license policy is wrong, you need to update yourself on it. Check the current policy, it says "10. Content license from you

10.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services."

You could verify the same here:

about the phishing thing, you could any time switch it off using the chrome control panel..and finally the identification number thingie - havnt got a clue on it and hence cant comment :(

Vinnie said...

hmmmm...Sawan saar n the debate over??
i just finished reading ur comments here..i need to check the google site for chrome to undertsnd better...lets hope they bring the data to 'anonymity' status soon!
i certainly dont want the world to know where all i roam in cyberspace:)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Vin - ah.. I was not here (in blogville) from last 2-3 days.. busy with some work.. kabi kabi job b karna padta hai yaar.. so..

okay Sawan dear - I didn’t read the updated policy and the clarification from Rebecca Ward, BUT are they trying to tell us that a company like Google does not even work or review the license agreement before releasing a product internationally.. They just copy paste their so called universal agreement and voila.. Sorry but I am not buying it.. its just that they always try to be over smart but when the whole world was after them for these issues, they are making excuses..

As for the phishing and other options.. tell me one thing, how many of the average users are bothered about it or know about it or go and disable the certain option.. if they (Google) are so transparent.. why don’t they put it off by default and then make it user selectable option to enable the setting.. (That will make more sense coz a tech. user can always do that easily) they might do a wizard on first run and that is also acceptable but to keep the settings on by default.. nah..

We work in the same software industry and though on very insignificant level as compared to these giants but still take hell of care before putting an agreement or providing options which will send data to us or log certain activities on our servers.. and they do it like a kids’ game.. huh

as for the third point in my last comment, when you install the chrome it is identified with a unique number and hence Google can track each and every chrome user and of course they have the data on our browsing habits which eventually they are going to use to fine tune the adsense service..

That being said, there is nothing like I am against Google or I have some problems with them.. as a company I have a great respect in their vision, ideas and of course innovation they bring in but they should not keep the ethics in side. like MS did for a while

sawan said...

ST, the technology of phishing is integrates into all new browsers. Its there in Firfox 3, in IE 7 and in Safari's latest version. I dont know why Google is being cornered for it!

Again i keep a mum on the final point. Not because I agree or I dot agree, but because I still dont know about it :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Google is hyped coz no other company is going to supposedly save the data like they tried, and none of them have claimed ownership on the contents being uploaded.. which was a mistake according to them :) wow.. such a naive company.. right?

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