Dec 16, 2008

A Fool's Paradise!

I chanced upon this path
Misfortune, some folks say!
I trusted his honest eyes
Betrayal at its best

Enticed by his promise,
the undying, undiminishing
togetherness to eternity
I muted 'The Voice Within'

Destiny, she drifts across
a new course, undecided
I bow in reverence to thee
my despair hasn't subsided

The Lord acts strange
The Lord acts wise
I am his li'l puppet
Happy in a fool's paradise!


Scrawler said...

Everything Happens For A REASON...
Only The Almighty knows..why it happened,why is it happening...
but sure..We learn new & Newer lesson from each happening isn't it?

Vinnie said...

:) so true, scrawler!
HE knows best, what can i say!

i look forward to your 'personal' translation of that number...lets not connect unnecessarily n stop creating! In fact, i have a lot more Kishore Kumar favorites:)

Scrawler said...

check my new post!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

no comments dear.. I dont want you to get depressed for a loser and write such poems..huh

Vin said...

@all: God alone knows his MAYA...i was expressing my hurt?? everything for a noble guys, pls carry on with ur lives...

my life n my blog will suspend in this moment!

Short Adieu..Good luck!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

hey vin whats wrong gurl. this is not good :( r u alright?

sawan said...

vinnie, wuts happening? :(

Vinnie said...

ST, Sawan & gang: Vin2 takes over for some time...situational survival...some solitude is required to make amends...she is OK..ends up in a soup usually!!

Thanks guys, I'll be there for her, promise:)

Karthik said...

Jya VIn... What a tamil eh?? Svilu Bigulu... woah!!!! Did u make a visit to slumps of Chennai?? Ur slang is perfect!! ha ha!! I've nevr laughed like this!!!

//ennaku Captain Vijaykant mathiri fight/kick/dishoom-dishoom panna roomba mosamaanavan...bagalna kudthune beegal udhippe! sari ya da?//

I'm just imaging u doing this... OMG!!! thats not mosamaanavan (male).. it is mosamaanava (female) Ok va!!!

//sometimes u r statue, n sometimes the pigeon, ok va?? //

I couldnt gt this Vinnie!!!

//Karthik, i am yet to read ur post:):)//

Still u dint read ah?? aaargh!! Vinnie U booed me!!

// ippo important vishayam, idde Lancelot first by default ah??//

getting comments in my blog is like finding water in Sahara desert.. Doesn't mind Vinnie!! All ma friends.. F for Friends!!! So all come and attack at any time!!!!!

Vinnie said...

hey Karthik,

i came to read the post, then seeing Lancelot's threat, i took necessary action first:)
i read n commented too, sweetie:)

thanks for my tamil literary appreciation, i am thinking of writing some Tamil Poetry!!!

that gender grammar is very tough da..just as for u in Hindi:)

so, the race is on, guys..come,attack !!

no sahara desert da..its the most fertile space in our blogosphere, trust me

n yes, have u never seem statues covered with pigeons all over?? what do they do? they decorate with their droppings na?? hehhehehehee
thats what i meant to convey Lancelot...he cannot be the winner always:)

2 days to go for ur paper..All The Best da:)

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